Laos Motorcycle Service Savannakhet


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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong

Louis Motocross Shop for big bike service & repairs


Louis & the boys are right into M-X & know where 'n how to ride around Savannaket. They even have a local M-X track if you want to ride with the local boys on the weekend.


Louis, dressed up to the nine's in his official Honda shirt, just for the photo.

Louis is a really cool & nice guy. Drop by & say hello when you are in Savannakhet.
GPS Waypoint: N16 33.551 E104 44.766

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May 30, 2009
ahhhh hahahaha...let me tell you my experience there....

My NSR had been running kinda crappy and I had seen these guys before on previous trips, so I thought no sweat.

Got a tranny change, new plug and a carb clean..all for about 60,000k, not a bad deal at all...until....keep in mind, it was getting late, they were ready to close, and there were a few "friends" of the shop milling around. hard for me to know who is a "mechanic" and who is a "friend"...

So I can see guy having a little trouble fitting the tank and I go over to help him...We fit it, he grins and nods.....and then proceed's to fold backwards the little metal flap that covers the keyhole on the tank, until IT SNAPS!!! I look at him like WTF WAS THAT FOR??!!!?!

LSS, he was drunk, not an employee, just a "helpful" lao passing time.....Thankfully louis was just as shocked and awed...there was alot of yelling, dude lost serious face and slinked off into the shadows.

I think Louis wanted to refund my money or something, but they had actually used a quart of tranny oil, and this costs them. Had it been labour only I mightta said fine, but as it was I was happy to have some "bigbike" guys in SVKT, and wanted to return in future.

I thanked him and said goodbye, shaking my head under the helmet the whole time....Just WTH was he thinking?!!?! And to actually watch it happen, kinda in slo-mo...LMAO

Take care


Nov 17, 2004
I know Louis quite well and have had many services from him over the last several years here in Laos. Like any mechanic shop in the region, you have to watch what goes on and be a little hands on from time to time. Louis has a great attention to detail and I'll go back and send my clients to him if need be.

As per the gas key hole slider getting snapped, not much to say about this but Louis is a stand up guy and most likely won't let the guy who messed with your bike back to his place.


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Feb 1, 2006
I fully agree with you Jimoi! Louis is a nice and honest guy!He s been taking care of many riders having problems with their bikes in southern Laos. He s also a good MX rider!