Laos on a scooter?

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  1. Hello everyone! I'm new here and also new in Laos. I'm now in Vientiane and trying to talk my girlfriend into a small motorcycle-tour. She isn't experienced and won't get on a big one. I'm thinking a trial-ride of a few days on one of these scooter-things might do the trick for her. Has anyone done this before and have any tips? (on the scooter I mean, not the girlfriend...)
  2. Hi Bart

    There is an entire section of trip reports about touring Thailand on a scooter. Good place to start.
    "Colin's Honda Wave Tour"

    There is also good info on renting something a bit larger in Laos.
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  3. I think if you never want your gf to travel on a bike again go on a longish trip on a scooter with her. If you want to enjoy the experience hire a 250cc bike from PVO or one of the other shops. These will be more comfortable and probably safer.

  4. OK guys, got the message. We changed plans. Girl is gonna do some girls' stuff for a week or two, while I drive through Laos on a decent Honda Baja. I'm a bit nervous as a result of all the raunchy offroad stories on this board (usually I drive K100RT in the Dutch asphalt-jungle) but I'll manage and hope to come back with a report that might be useful for other first-timers.

    First experiences at Green Disc in Vientiane are not so good, I'm sorry to say. I specifically asked for a bike in good condition because of a two weeks' trip and they come up with one with a lot of problems, worst of which were faulty chain-tension and a carburettor-problem that makes the engine shut of at every traffic light, but also a lot of lights not working. Were willing to fix everything by tomorrow morning, but I was a bit disappointed though. Booked one at PVO's already just in case.

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