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  1. Chiang Khong Luang Nam Tha







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    Thanks for the contribution. It looks like you had good weather & clear skies - so you must have gone at least 4-6 weeks ago, no?
    Was it a "one-way" trip / where did you exit from?
    How did you find the border crossing formalities - easy / confusing /hard - in Chiang Khong / Houei Xai , + wherever you exited from?
  4. Hy at all
    i read this forum from long time
    but i never enjoi to write for problem about log on.
    Sorry if i never present my self.
    This trip was made at the first days of march 2009.
    In chiang khong immigration they help us a lot our girl friend thai.
    Have to go in 2 office immigration and another one i think the name is costoum house both are 1 and 2 km from the point for enter in laos with boat from chiang khong.
    I have more video to show of this trip but i was waiting i add same music in u tube and still not finish to download.
    Anyway i will try to put
    and may be later i will show also same picture
    becuase i know people drive motorbike like many people in this forum
    no have too much time for do it when they drive.
    Normal i drive motorbike with my girlfriend thai and she take a picture on my back from a lot of trip we go in the past....i have picture of the street
    from chiang rai until singapore,trip we do 3 time already.
    This was our first time in laos with car
    and was intersting for me for study the road go to china(you can see in the video i put before until luang nam tha) and condition of the street in laos.
    About your request we start from chiang rai 6,30 am
    at 8 o clock we was in chiang khong
    make the pick up full of diesel go immigration thai costoum house thai
    take the boat with the car make everythink in laos and eat samething
    at 12 am we was ready to start for go direction luang nam tha.
    Later i will show also same picture
    for now i will put the video of the street from luang nam tha to luang prabang.
    I hope can will help people want to study this road before to go
    and also to remeber samething to sameone do already this trip in the past.
    we exit and come back to thailand from vientiane

    luang nam tha to luang prabang laos march 2009
    we get bad weather only from luang prabang to vientiane where the way in the mountain cannot show very well the panorama
    for the fire that have around.

    this road from luang nam tha to luang prabang is really bad for the car
    may be much more easier with bike

    video 1









  5. look like a good street for motobike
    but also for the car is not bad

    thumb_1237630917.jpg thumb_1237631129.jpg

    thumb_1237630987.jpg thumb_1237631036.jpg

    thumb_1237631213.jpg thumb_1237631242.jpg

    thumb_1237631300.jpg thumb_1237631318.jpg

    thumb_1237631368.jpg thumb_1237631398.jpg

    thumb_1237631460.jpg thumb_1237631483.jpg

    thumb_1237631589.jpg thumb_1237631621.jpg

    thumb_1237631667.jpg thumb_1237631699.jpg

    thumb_1237631773.jpg thumb_1237631797.jpg

    thumb_1237631843.jpg thumb_1237631873.jpg

    thumb_1237631953.jpg thumb_1237631981.jpg

    thumb_1237632047.jpg thumb_1237632103.jpg

    thumb_1237632181.jpg thumb_1237632277.jpg

    thumb_1237632308.jpg thumb_1237632331.jpg
  6. thumb_1237706863.jpg thumb_1237706931.jpg

    thumb_1237706956.jpg thumb_1237706992.jpg

    thumb_1237707064.jpg thumb_1237707122.jpg

    at this point we are 16 km from bo ten the border with china

    thumb_1237707144.jpg thumb_1237707192.jpg

    we stop at laos customs house for ask information about china
    think a little beat if we want to go also there
    will be for the next trip

    thumb_1237707275.jpg thumb_1237707335.jpg

    thumb_1237707476.jpg thumb_1237707520.jpg

    thumb_1237707578.jpg thumb_1237707594.jpg

    and go again direction luang prabang

    thumb_1237707671.jpg thumb_1237707696.jpg

    thumb_1237707770.jpg thumb_1237707792.jpg

    thumb_1237707849.jpg thumb_1237707866.jpg

    thumb_1237707913.jpg thumb_1237707931.jpg
  7. thumb_1237708272.jpg thumb_1237708410.jpg

    thumb_1237708461.jpg thumb_1237708508.jpg

    thumb_1237708525.jpg thumb_1237708605.jpg

    thumb_1237708717.jpg thumb_1237708745.jpg

    Houei xai

    thumb_1237708786.jpg thumb_1237708820.jpg

    thumb_1237708869.jpg thumb_1237708898.jpg

    chinese car

    thumb_1237708933.jpg thumb_1237708966.jpg

    must to try also local ice cream also if is
    a little beat dangeruos

    thumb_1237709033.jpg thumb_1237709066.jpg

    thumb_1237709119.jpg thumb_1237709217.jpg

    thumb_1237709318.jpg thumb_1237709341.jpg

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