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  1. Looked over this site many times but don't find much information on renting bikes in Vientianne or Hanoi. I gather the Minsk is the way to go in Hanoi. In Vietnam I would like to travel some outside the city, into the country. Anyone recommend a good English speak guide? Or if you are interested in going together sometime in April-May let me know...

    The Explore Indochina tour group is way too expensive for me. If you have a cheaper, personal guide please forward.

    Also, in Laos is there a good bike shop to rent? Is it easier just to take my Super 4?

    Thanks for the advice.

  2. As far as Laos, there are some places to rent 250cc dual sports - usually Honda Baja. See the Laos section.

    If your bike has a legal plate and book, it is no problem getting into Laos. There are several posts in the Laos section on recent experiences with entry.


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  3. Kyle
    For bike rental in Laos take a look at
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