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  1. I have done a number of motocy trips in Cambodia ,but so far none in Laos .
    I want to do Laos this time ,maybe continue South to cross the borde and add a Cmabodia leg to the trip.
    But I wonder :
    is riding in Laos really all that much different to riding in Cambodia or in Northern -NE Thailand? Ok ,lets discount the diffence in ancient cultural sites to see ,people will be somewhat different etc etc ,but as a whole I can not imagine it to be significant different . Am I wrong -I stand to be corrected.
  2. Laos is more mountainous and less deforested than Cambodia so the scenery is more spectacular.

    What type of riding are you looking for ?
  3. Laos vs. Cambo

    I've ridden in both and the diversity of Laos is higher, more terrain elevations, ease of rides and so on. Cambo is quite great with temples and track riding but if I had to choose, it would be Laos.

    Like Bill said, it depends on what terrain you are looking for.
  4. I've ridden both and find Cambodia to be lacking in terms of scenery and elevation changes, its landscapes dry, flat and barren relative to Laos.

    Having said that I'm willing to give it another go in a month or so to see if I am indeed missing anything.

    Best of luck.
  5. What's been said here is true, but Laos really gets most interesting only once you are past Vientiane heading north. Route 13 from Pakse to Vientiane is indescribably boring. You can ride the Bolaven around Pakse but it is not superb. There is some good stuff on roads off Route 13 after Tha Khek and north around Khammouane and north of there, but generally you hit the good stuff in the north after Vientaine, and then and it is simply amazing. Some of the most beautiful roads in the world.... It is all more fun than Cambodia which, these days, is a total nightmare on anything resembling main roads.
  6. Bro,
    i have been riding through all combodia and laos from Botan[ to DAm clour.and from Kok Long Yai to Kg Trench(Vietnam boarder/stung treng/poipet..but the diffrent of scenery Laos most buetiful..expecially northern to combodia ti dusty.....anyway up to you what are u looking for..?? :arrow: :D ..NOrthern Thailand is nice and coollll baby

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