Laos - Will a European driving license do 2022?

Michael R

Aug 3, 2022
Have searched but cannot find up to date information

So, I'm off to Laos in December 2022, I hope. I let my Thai driving license expire because I had done it using my blue tabien baan and DLT Udon Thani said that I have to go to Bangkok to renew or go to immigration and ask them to certify my address from my blue tablen baan and take a new one... I got fed up and politely left.

But, what do they require at Friendship Bridge Nong Khai? Driving my own bike (RE 650) registered in my name, valid Swedish license, expired Thai license (more than 2 years).

Can I drive into Laos on my bike on a Swedish license? Some corruption money?
OK, I can take a Thai license again of course, hate to waste 1.5 days of work but can do. License will be new so cannot get international Thai driving license (must have for 2 years, right?). Is new Thai license (no international Thai driving license) enough?
Or pay USD XX for an international driving license to match with my Swedish driving license)? which one do you recommend? Or match with a Thai license?

What are the options? What you do use? I don't want to waste time taking a Thai driving license at this stage if I can avoid it but will do if I have to

Grateful for advice

Best Regards
Michael R
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Aug 19, 2012
I use an IPD (international driving permit) when in Thailand, Laos and the rest of Asia. It costs 2-300 NOK (20-30 €) here in Norway and I presume it wont cost more in Sweden)
Probably nobody will ask to see it but the problem if you happen to get into a situation/accident and if you dont have a legal recoknised driving license I guess all insurances will be void - and thats eh.. maybe not a good thing.
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Apr 8, 2015
Good advice. I have my Canadian, get an IDP every year, and have a Thai one also.
Cover all the bases, be prepared for any and every thing.
Worth it for the peace of mind if nothing else, and cost peanuts


Mar 29, 2021
You need international drive license
Like they say to you before.
One friend of me get killed in the traffic
light of intersection stadium in Chiang rai,him was pass with green light and the bus kill him and pass with red light.
For the Thai law European driver licence
Is the same of nothing and I presume for Laos is the same.
The family of Italian friend try with the layer to get same money in a court
and loose also the money of the layer.
European driver licence can to be good for no pay a fine if police stop,but not in case of accident because you will be like sameone drive without driver licence.
International driver licence I got also in Thailand in the past but need correct
Paper residence for get and like they say to you is better you do in your country home before to come here.