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    The stock exhaust on my 16 year old DR650 is crap at the best, heavy and really muffles the nice sound from the thumper too much for my taste. When I purchased the bike it came with an US made Supertrapp, after using this one just for a month I now call these products Supercrap, what they are, thing fell apart just after 200 kms, bolts for disks are after a while corroded into the thread, or they snap or the threads just disappear.
    Thought to myself why not get a decent exhaust and after paying Chan at M-Technik in Singapore a visit I had both the choice for a Sebring or a Laser, well after seeing Sebrings prices, the choice was clear and I settled for a LASER ProDuro but not the racing model, only the street legal one.
    It is nicely made from stainless steel, also the clamps are perfect, a reduction pipe thatcomes with it is also in stainless steel. I paid for it SGD 590 which are approximately THB 14,000.-, couldn't find one in LOS. Got it delivered to my doorstep by a bikerfriend of his who came up for a 'Wave' run to Pai.
    Workmanship is perfect, product is made in the Netherlands and the sound satisfies me very much, at least it scares the dogs, Waves & Somtam sellers off from the middle of the road.
    So here's 2 fotos:
    ~ mounted and already discoloured:
    for anyone wanting some information:
    B.rgds, Franz

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