Late Chiang Mai - Luang Prabang - Chiang Mai


Feb 23, 2004
Chiang Mai – Vientiane – Vang Viang – Luang Prabang – Vientiane – Pitsanoluk – Chiang Mai

I left Chiang Mai with David FL and Bob B, we made good time to Loei where we stayed for the night at the Kings Hotel. (Good value for your money)



Pix above: En route on Highway 11, heading for Uttaradit

After a slow start due the freezing wind and fog, we rode through to Nong Khai for lunch, had a bit of an incident in some roadwork’s loose gravel, when I slowed down too much, and Bob nearly rear ended me.


Pic above: beside the Mekong, Chiang Khan - Nong Khai.

Got to the Friendship bridge and started doing the bike export paperwork, it was then that FL realized he had brought the wrong bike green book, luckily he managed to sort this out with the customs people, as his bike had been out at this border crossing before, he never would have been allowed to forget it otherwise!!!

Got to the Lao side where things slowed down considerably, Miss Khampean was most helpful though, especially after David produced a box of chocolates for Miss Khampean and a bottle of whisky for the Boss, from the Duty Free shop!


Pix above: The Laos side of the Friendship bridge.

The import took about two and a half hours to complete, by then it was late afternoon, and I have to say the road into Vientiane was pretty awful, very bumpy and what seemed like undisciplined traffic, what did I expect though!

We were staying 2 nights in Vientiane, and staying at the Lao Paris Hotel, almost opposite the Lao Plaza Hotel, accommodation seems expensive after Thailand, 15US a night!

The next day we did the touro bit with a visit to the Silver market, the Victory monument and National Monument Pha That Luang.


Later in the day FL took us to get 3rd party insurance for the bikes, and some Lao sim cards for our mobiles.

Bob B and myself left Vientiane at lunch time for Vang Vieng, FL and Craypot from Vte were leaving later, the traffic leaving Vientiane was pretty busy for the first sixty kilometers, (probably not helped by me feeling pretty unwell) then as we got into the hills, the traffic tapers right off,

The road surface was described as racetrack by someone, (Not by me or Bob B) but the road is only just two way, and has no central dividing line, you have to be constantly aware of vehicles coming from the opposite direction and cutting the corners! Also on the shady side of the hills the road surface was often wet and very slippery!

Luckily FL had told us to cross the (hopefully) disused runway after the Shell petrol station at about 160KM from Vientiane or we would have ridden straight by as there is no signposts to tell you, you have arrived!

Vang Vieng`s main road was in a complete mess,


and I couldn’t see the attraction of the place, especially considering the amount of tourists there, never seen anything like the restaurants on the main street, with the TV series Friends blaring out day and night!

We stayed at the Baan Sabai, mainly because it had a courtyard for the safety of the bikes. We had lunch at the Riverside Restaurant, the shakes and Pizza (Yes Pizza) were superb.

FL and Michael arrived in the dark after Michael had a rear tire puncture


and FL had a mobile phone moment!

Next morning it was off to Luang Prabang, the going was pretty slow as the photo opportunities were so great





the road surface was almost racetrack, apart from the occasional bit where it was dirt and rocks, and you spend the whole 167KMS in the twisties, absolutely unbelievable! (Bikers heaven)



In Luang Prabang we stayed at the Souansavan Ghouse - not too bad!


Pic above: under cover parking at the Souansavan

It has been nine years since I had been in Luang Prabang, and I hardly recognized it, but the development has been very sensibly looked after, and I think for the best!


The next day we had a pleasant day off the bikes, walking around checking out all the attractions, the former Kings palace, the many temples


and the fantastic views of the confluence of the Nam Khan and Mekong rivers.


Luang Prabang really is a nice place to go, the Laos are so friendly and laid back, and all the restaurants we used were good.



Back to Vientiane the next day, minus FL and Michael who were of to Phonsvan. A great days riding (feeling good now) arriving in Vientiane at rush hour, this is a hard days riding, and only nearly 400KMS. The Lao beers at the KopChaiDeu were well earned that night!

The trip back across to Thailand was very quick and easy on both sides, there is a lack of sign posts for the Lao immigration and customs compound, but after we had gone under the bridge we worked it out pretty quick.

The rest of the trip was pretty standard, a blast across to Pitsanoluk for the night, almost worth going this way just for the trip through Nam Nao National Park on route 12.

Then back to Chiang Mai the next day.

All in all it was a pretty good trip, hopefully to be done again someday!

scot harper

Nov 14, 2004
Scotty, a great post, well layed out easy to read.
I'll file it away for future use when I can talk some mates into extracting a digit an conferming there ready to go.
Some of my gung-ho mates have more hoe in them than gung.
Regards Scott...Land of "OZ"...
12 commandment..Thou shalt always loft thy front wheel.


Staff member
Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
More often than not when riding R13 it's either cloudy and fogged in, or if it is in the hot dry season then it is hazy & smoky.
But, the weather on this trip was exceptionally good, providing some brilliant clear views. I managed to get some good snaps on the way...




Riding with a nice group of mates who knew not only how to ride at a steady pace, but also when to stop for some nice photos, is seriously enjoyable.


Pic above: preparing to leave from LPQ. No stress, as cool as..

We had a fabulous time in one particular village, where the kids stayed put / working while we / I snapped away.




Last but no least a reminder for me to take the correct green bike rego book to Laos.

Keep The Power On

scot harper

Nov 14, 2004
Dave, mate top picks,it's friday arvo here an I'd rather be over there, I know it's not all beer an skittles over there but it beats
the mad house of Sydney, an its worstning attitudes.
Regards Scott..Have a "Koi Soi" for me at the Kafe,


Nov 10, 2003
Did LPB to Chiangmai in my truck in 12 hours a few days ago - left the hotel at 8.10 in LPB took the dirt road straight to Hongsa, lunch at 12 something in Hongsa and at 4 o'clock in Nan and decided to get home. Had dinner at 8.15 (20.15) in Chiangmai. Did not ride very fast but kept moving and had only 4 or 5 short stops to stretch the legs.