Leather gear and more FS - now 30% off!

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    BMW 3-colour 2 piece leather suit, well worn, red-blue-black, size 42 S or R / 48-50 European. Asking THB 5,000.

    Matching gloves with knuckle protectors, like new, 600 THB.

    Unused 61 cm full face helmet, black, sticker still on visor, asking 950 Baht. BMW helmet for spectacle users, the visor can be opened up. Maroon and green metallic paint. Issues inside (something is lose), price negotiable, hoping for offers > 1,000 Baht. This helmet was very expensive.

    Sorry, I will take photos later and post a link or something as this remains kind of complicated :oops:

    Ride on,
    Chris at Link removed in the Don Mueang area of Bangkok
    H: 02 501 5185 C: 080 279 1574 [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
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    To clarify what's wrong with the BMW helmet: the inside cloth between hair or a bald skull and tthe inner prottector mass is torn and would need to be glued back (?).

    my main gear is all black and from Harro - what to sell can be a tough choice. And one of these 16,000 Baht Schuberth helmets with built in sun visor. What to wear is a tough question - but I grew up near a hospital and saw enough corpses to want to ride wearing t-shirt, boxers and flip flops.

    Ride on,
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