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  1. Found a new leather shop in town.
    Dawood Leather Craft
    44 Sri Dornchai Road.
    Chiang Mai.
    Tel: 0818823709 & 0819938682.

    A smart new shop with belts, vests, bags, saddle bags & jackets.
    Mainly geared towards the custom / cruiser / Harley set, but well worth checking out.

    The jacket pictured above quoted cost 9,000 baht.

    But I note that he’s got the real thing - a heavy duty leather sewing machine - so my guess is that he should be able to repair / stitch up anything.
  2. Yeah I had a belt made by Dawood for the nipper.
    Beautifully hand-tooled & stitched for 1000Baht.
    It may appear pricey but the craftsmanship is first class.
    Make sure however you insist that the loops are stitched, rather than stapled, which have zero longevity.

    Oh, and a few doors away is a very good travel agency [BTS Travel ph:053 284042] for those in need of being pointed in the right direction.
    Just look for the pink MOO.
  3. And I bet a certain lady at that travel agency will soon be sporting a rather fetching pair of thigh length leather boots [:p]


  5. Yeah, I have her business card also......

    Wonder if the shop could knock us up a leather thong, and some tight leaher shorts for me to wear around the Patong Boy Bars
  6. Rhodie,

    OK, I'll SSSSSSSHH, so long as you provide photos! [;)]

    T.J, your comment (and my mental picture of YOU in a leather thong) has just twizzled my emotions from the mildly erotic to the downright revolting [xx(]. Please do not post such things again as they mess with my mind at this late hour......


  7. As I was telling you earlier the digital technical term is that they may be marked by a "lot of noise". [:I]
  8. I reckon this forum could do with a "chat room" facility. Would save members of the general biking public listening to the bollox of us old ratbags! [;)]


  9. Holy smokes, TJ, it definitely sounds like you should try to find yourself a new leather shop if your old thong and shorts are worn out after just two years! [:D]
  10. Rhodie,
    Perhaps you could elaborate on the excursions you've booked through BTS travel? Enquiring minds want to know.

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