leather trousers for sale

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  1. rev it brand , bought in england, in the suitcase to thailand, worn for half an hour then never worn again as they dont fit, does your body expand in thailand??
    anyway they are a 34 waist with knee sliders, ass protection and a fetching red/black white colouring.
    anyone interested let me know and i can send a picture.
    bought for 149.95 english pounds. will sell for anything over 5000baht.
  2. Luke,

    Talking seriously mate, yep, my body does expand after a long haul flight and often it's a few days before I get back to my usual svelte 36" waist :wink:

    Also, if you are like me, you scoffed down heaps of farang food whilst back in the UK and are prob a kilo or more than when you left. Don't sell the strides just yet, leave it a couple of days and if that doesn't work - go on a diet you fat b*stard! :lol:


  3. im interested in taking a look, can we meet on sat or sun, im staying near to the thapae gate.

  4. sent you a pm webpaul...
  5. If they didn't fit Web Paul I'll have a try.

  6. well webpaul hasnt turned up yet so if u are around mike feel free to try em on.
  7. honky donky
    sorry i never got back to you bud, but i was on a short timeline and i left chiang mai to head back home to phnom penh on sunday afternoon so i missed your reply, real shame as they look good in the photo with you holding them up.

    ps. youve got lovely legs
  8. thanks man, i get that A LOT.
    and no they arent my shoes in the corner!
  9. come on boys its knee sliding season anyone interested?
  10. Serendipidy. You are in CNX and I am in BKK.

    I may just have to go to Paddock and buy some armoured underwear.

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