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  1. Next year I am planning a RTW trip starting from the UK.Can I park my bike in thailand while I go home for six months and work then come back collect the bike then on to Australia?Many Thanks Tony from the Isle of Man
  2. As said.. difficult here, the MAX stay a bike can be here without big problems is 6 months. Up to this point the fine for overstaying the bike incountry is pretty trivial. so if you can make that 5 months you could consider it.

    I have read its easier in Cambodia, but have no solid info.
  3. Leaving a bike in Cambodia, with non-local plates, is not a problem as bikes are not checked by Immigration when you enter the country.
    IMHO, however, the problem you will possibly face is finding someone who is _responsible_ and will assure it's safe storage while you are away.
  4. Thanks for everyones advice,tony
  5. can leave it at my place !
    1/2 hour from border and can do a visa run on the bike if you want .
    the bike has too leave the country every 3 months as well "apparently"

  6. Thanks for the offer rob, but I am planning to leave bike with a mate in chiang mai,but thanks again
  7. Just wondering our loud, but would it be possible to place the bike in bond as a customs port in Thailand? That way technically the bike has left the Kingdom. I had to do this with some surfboards years ago when I was going to Bali via Don Muang but wanted to stop in Thailand for a few days, but not import the boards into Thailand as they were destined for Indonesia. Of course, surfboards and motorcycles aren't the same thing, and in my case the boards just stayed "in bond" at Don Muang until I collected them when I left. Only had to pay a small storage fee to the in bond warehouse.

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