Leaving Chiang Mai for Laos on the 17th February

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  1. That was a stressful week. First I couldn't find the green book of my motorcycle, due to my girlfriends cleaning fetish, after two days all lookin around I finally found it. Next step go to the insurance and then to the registration office to get my tax paid. Off course the colour in the book and the colour of my motorcycle didn't match and nobody, could give me this bloody tax sticker unless I painted my motorcycle back to it's original colour. O.k so I painted it back to the original colour in a couple of hours and the next day I got my tax sticker.

    Now I pretty much done and I shall have my visa for Laos by tommorrow. Saturday I will leave Chiang Mai direction Udon Thani, I might stay one night somewhere, because my family is with me and longer trips are not for them. I hope I can leave Udon Thani on the 17th and go to Bueng Kahn for the border crossing. I'm really ready for a bike holyday. Haven't had that in a long time.

    Anyone want to join, you're more then welcome. Here's my telephone number. Rudi 086 9196874
  2. Will be leaving on Saturday as well but using the truck and have family joining as well. Plan to enter on the 17th in Nongkhai and after a few days in Vientiane move to Luang Phrabang, Phonsavan and then on to the south exiting Laos at Vang Tao to Chongmek.

    You mention that you want to enter Laos on the 17th at Buangkhan but I am not sure if the border is open. About 6 months ago the border was closed on Sunday when I tried to leave Laos from Thailand so I had to drive to Vientiane to get out.
  3. Thanks Auke,

    plans have changed again so I'm leaving on friday allready. Saturday I will try to cross the border with my africa twin. This time I hope I will be able to succeed.

    I will stay aprox. 12 days in Laos, also will sort out my visa affairs.

    Hope to see you there.

    Cheers Rudi

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