Legal and Visas


Apr 12, 2021
I'm sure most members have got their Legal and Visa issues already sorted, but there's a new/revamped Chiang Mai based operation that's offering the extra service dimension (particularly from the legal perspective) ie, Wills and Estate issues, Translation, Traffic Issues, Yellow Book/Pink Cards etc. Chiang Mai – Visa Shop has only been live for 3 weeks, and its Principal is a bloke named Laurie Simmons, an Australian ex-AFP Officer who's worked with the RTP for over a decade now (see his bio on the Consultation Page). So it's obvious that he has insights and experience with the Thai Legal System that most of us have no clue about. He's certainly clarified a few issues for me over time. If you're needing some finer detail on Legal issues, I'd fully recommend his Operation, and of course they can can deal with the more regular Visa type stuff, if needed. Cheers