Legal DR200SE in Bangkok for sale

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  1. BanKrut-06-2012004Large.
    2002 Suzuki DR200SE, legitimately imported from Canada, with green book, tax and insurance, in my name, ready to transfer.

    This bike was imported by a Canadian citizen, tested by Thai automotive testing lab, import duty paid, and legally registered. I am the second owner; bought in August 2010.

    Bike is in excellent condition, w/stock tank and plastics, with the following careful modifications:

    LED turn indicators AND Daytime running lights, using stock connectors, with solid-state flasher.
    Genuine EMGO folding mirrors (not Thai knockoffs)
    FMF aluminum muffler, stainless mid-pipe.
    Hotcams stage II camshaft.
    Properly re-jetted, replaced needle for correct driveability. Idle mixture screw with thumbscrew.
    Moose foam airfilter.
    New DID sealed roller chain (#520) (520 chain is often found on much bigger bikes, will last a long time on a bike this light).
    14-tooth countersprocket (installed), 15 tooth included
    Manracks tubular rear rack.
    Seat Concepts re-padded/re-covered seat (spare stock seat, and extra NEW cover included).
    Newer Yuasa battery.
    Trailtech Vapor digital speedometer/tachometer/engine temp/trip odometer/shift indicator, indicator lamps, mounted on custom CNC machined dash plate with Powerlet 12V weatherproof jack. (original speedo/cluster included: speedo movement sticks) Digital odometer set to correct KM (~18000)
    New Duro 3.00-21 front tire, newish IRC GP-1 4.10-18 rear tire.

    Spare rear brakes, oil filters and assorted parts included. Consumables available in Thailand (brakes, oil filters, etc.)

    High quality motorcycle oil changed frequently. Starts instantly, idles perfectly.


    The DR200SE was 119 kg wet from the factory. It now weighs about 115 kg, due to replacement of the heavy steel silencer/muffler/midpipe with the FMF unit. Proper jetting made the bike a lot more fun to ride, but changing the camshaft really brought it alive. It is incredibly quick for a 200 cc bike, and I have routinely walked away from stock, heavier 250 D-Trackers. The seat height is only about 30 inches (90 cm), and the bike is well balanced. Easy for shorter riders to be comfortable and safe. It has a fairly narrow profile, and has no problem splitting lanes between cars. The EMGO mirrors fold out of the way for tighter clearance.

    I generally used the bike for local exploring, and carried it in the back of our pickup when we visited other provinces. I have ridden it to/from Ayutthya, and with the re-covered, slightly wider seat, it is very comfortable on longer rides. It is capable offroad, with decent suspension for a dual-purpose bike. Front forks are leak-free and the rear monoshock is in good condition.

    This bike always gets attention at a stoplight, and looks and sounds great. It is the ONLY DR200 I have ever encountered in Thailand, and it would be hard to find a bike in this class, with correct papers, anywhere in Thailand.

    Must sell soon. THB79,500 or offer upon inspection. No feelers, email offers, etc. Will sell to someone who comes to see it, and can afford to buy it.

    Contact using email function from my profile. Thanks!
  2. Nice bike and great deal IMO!
    Good luck!
  3. Thank you! Hopefully, a cash buyer will think so, too...

    This is really a fun bike, and if I were staying in Thailand, I wouldn't think of selling it.
  4. Bump - getting close to deadline, come see it, make a REASONABLE offer, and drive it home. Suggest you bring the DLT form with you, and I will sign it over, so you can register it.

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