Legal Exit from BKK on Two-Wheeler?

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  1. I've been in BKK long enough to know how to get in and out of town quickly on the a 4-wheeler.

    Having finally concluded the world's slowest bike search, I now find that I'm perplexed at how to do the same thing WITHOUT getting on the expressways.

    Can anyone advise me the best (i.e., fastest, fewest stops, least traffic) exits out of Bangkok for the following destinations:

    * Southeast: Pattaya/Chantaburi
    * Northeast: Saraburi/Korat
    * North: Ayutthaya/Bang Pa In
    * Southwest: Petchaburi/Hua Hin

    I'm OK getting out due west to Nakhon Pathom, etc.

    If there are bridge crossings involved, bridge recommendations also appreciated.

    Tks in advance.

  2. going to pattaya/ rayong South East u have 2 choices Bangna Trat highway 3 to Chonburi but its bumpy on the ground compared to the express way.

    A nicer route is Ramintra to Minburi then go to Chacheongsao,from there you can get to Panat nikom or Chonburi easy ..its a nicer run too.

    going north use Vipavahdi Rangsit

    going West use Rama 2
  3. Hua Hin etc. Rama 3 until the end, over old bridge continue to Suksawat turn left onto Suksawat, turn right onto Rama 2 then follow to .....

    North Ayutaya etc. Over Taksin Bridge and miss the first overpass, then take overpasses until merging left 5+ kms, to go over and right onto Ratchapruek ( you will have simply followed the new Skytrain tracks) follow Ratchapruek north, straight over the big roundabout and contnue north until 345(20-something kms) , then you will see signs for going north.

    Have a look at maps. I'd have to do the same to give you detailed instructions with numbers...both roads and kms.
  4. I went out east on On Nut (Suk 77) a few weeks ago.
    Think it heads towards Chonburi, I was heading for Cambodia at the Arayaphapet (Or something)/Poi Pet border crossing.
  5. Thanks all for the useful suggestions.

    I'm on my first exit tomorrow on the new (to me) GS1150. Luckily I have a guide - we are bound for Tak on an overnight...



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