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  1. Hi guys,
    Came across an outfit called Chiang Rai B*ke F*nder (don't want this post to come up on Google),claim they can find almost any bike you want in Thailand.
    Now I miss my Honda VTR1000 so asked them if one can be found,in good nick and with Green Book.....or an SP1 or SP2.
    They got back to me today saying they can get an SP1 but need deposit of 20,000 baht.

    My spider sense is tingling......

    Anyone else heard of these guys??
    Probably based in Bkk,and have a facebook page......but I wasn't born yesterday and ain't gonna throw my money away....but....still....

    Happy New Year too.....stay safe!
  2. Why Bother! The Past is Over Buy a Brand New Legitimate Bike Sold in Thailand. Easy for Repair and Spare Parts, End of Dramas and Rip Offs!!!
  3. But it's a Honda....a V twin Honda!!

    But I guess a new bike would be better.....with a low centre of gravity!
    Getting sick of falling over......


  4. 650 V-Strom! V-Twin, Low, Cheap and Tractor Reliability!

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