Let's all kick IMS supersize tanks into action!

Discussion in 'Kawasaki Big Bikes Thailand' started by Joelthailand, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. Who from S.E Asia with a fuel injected bike thinks that the KLX250 (D-Tracker) has a silly little tank with a crappy 150km range or less when fully de-restricted!! And if you dare to fit a 300 or 330 big bore kit then you better live close to a gas station......

    Maybe if enough people contact IMS [email protected] with a please help us email, for a 3gal (11 litre) tank. I contacted them two months ago & got a helpful reply, that they are looking into how much demand there is for the fuel injected market to produce this item. As it will cost them a huge investment to develop this tank, as the injector pump is in the tank.

    They're not cheap but can you imagine cruising for 300km between filling up!!:)

    Even if you don't want one now, maybe in the future you will.

    Thanks for your time
  2. Totally agree.
    When riding a D-Tracker in Thailand (so include the D-Tracker with the KLX) it was the same issue. Here in Vietnam with a 13lt tank on a YBR I have around a 400km range. Its the greater flexibility that is attractive.
  3. I just sent them a email. It would be great on my new KLX 250!
  4. Hi guys, have any of you taken the time to remove your tanks and have a look at the pump and polution control sitting underneath?

    You tank in made from steel for a reason, pressure.

    This very sofisticated piece of electronic wizardry is part of your fuel injection and emission control systems.

    It is very expensive and with the CPU is the 'brain' of your Asian KLX250.

    Read 6000bht for tank 8000bht for pump.

    This is one of the reasons IMS and all the othe aftermarket companies have not produced a tank.

    A very small market in world terms, considering most other large markets like the US, Oz etc are still running carby's with gravity fed tanks.

    Until the rest of the world go FI, you may be waiting a long time.

    Maybe invest in a second tank and get a fabricators shop here in Thailand.

  5. Good Point Tom but I would have thought they could just make the Tank and leave it to the Customer to Swap over the Pump etc? I can't see it being that hard a Job?
  6. Tom, good point.
    I'm sure it's no easy or cheap task to develop this Fi tank but they told me they have been looking into this project for nearly two years & when the demand is right they will go ahead.

    Uk, Germany, France are injection for sure, as they are talking on other forums about ecu problems & we got Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia & D-Tracker crazy Japan. I'm sure there are more but off the top of my head that has to a decent target audience! The only problem is most people that just go & buy a KLX or a D-Tracker are not on the forums or mixing with other riders with knowledge of aftermarket products & as a result have no idea there is even an option to double the range of their bikes crappy little stock fuel tank.
  7. Good idea! Thinking outside of the tank ......lol
  8. Got an email back from Chuck at IMS.

    Hi Joe,

    An EFI tank for your KLX is in the works. I actually started on it late last year but then I had to set it a side for some other projects. The only thing that is stopping me is not enough time and too much to do. I don’t know exactly when it will be available but for sure this Spring.


  9. Good News, let Us know when it is available and I am sure they will sell lots of them?
  10. I will be very happy to get an extra 50km range & not having to be a gnats wing away from a gas station at all times!!!

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