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  1. I am getting a new license plate holder made for a mod for my bike
    Can anyone tell me the demotions of the Thai plate ???
  2. 23 views and no one knows what the dimensions of the plate are ???
  3. Well it depends on which plate you have as I have seen three different size Thai license plates bolted to bikes. Some are a small square shape, others are a short but wide rectangle, etc. Complete info from you (and maybe a bit pf patience) may help your enquiry.

    Mine measures about 17 CM X 17.5CM
  4. And there may be 23,000 bikes in Udon.
    As there are different plate sizes, I humbly suggest to assure accuracy for your needs, you measure the license plate holder on a bike with a license plate size identical to yours.

    ***Oops, my bad! Upon reading subsequent posts, I now realize that Fury has yet to receive his new plate...and therefore didn't know what his license plates measurements would be. :oops:
  5. The New Government Issued Plate for Motorcycles only come in One Size! All the others are either Old Plates or Copy Plates! The Government issued Plates have a small Stamp on them on the bottom Right Hand Corner. By Law they are the Only Plate allowed! People seem to get away with various copies but if they wanted to Pursue the point it could be an Issue?
    New Government issue Bike Plates Measure 220mm X 170 mm.
    No Doubt You will be getting the Latest Plate for Your Fury so it will be to these Measurements. Good Luck Mate.
  6. Hi Friends, Hi Ian,

    I am abit confuse, does that means that I have to replate all my bikes with new plates ? Where t get the new plates ?

    Thanks in advance for your advises
  7. Assuming your plates were issued by the department of land transport no, you do not have to replace your old plates with new ones. But if some some reason you need to have a new plate issued it only costs 150 Baht! (^_^)v
  8. Thanks Ian
    I didn't realize that there were differant size plates out there. Shows how much I have paid attention. But I do know that all 3 bikes I have bought in the past 2 years had the same size plates.
    Thanks Again Ian.
  9. Hi Friends,

    Thanks Tony, by luck all my bike plates are issued by the land transport departement (100 % rego) so it should be OK according to your advises.
  10. I don't know exactly when the Government Changed the Plate Size but maybe around 5 or 6 Years ago? What I meant in My Last Post was All New Plates Issued Now will be the Same Size 220mm X 170mm. Doesn't mean You have to replace Your Old Plate! The Early Plates were Smaller and had a Red Strip through the middle of them! As Tony said if Your Plate was issued by the Land Transport Department it is fine! Sorry for any Confusion!
  11. Of course there are many bikes that are 100% legal and have a green book but someone just liked to have a smaller plate and had that made. That is something I am considering to do, have an official looking plate but just a little bit smaller (and just keep my orginal plate in case of problems).

    In some countries they issue smaller plates for bikes for safety reason (which makes sense).

    So indeed check if your plate has the official stamp & number on it. You could make a official plate smaller but you would cut off the official stamp.

    No idea what size my plate has ...

    Chang Noi
  12. Here is another question. Are there any regulations on the placement of the plates? I would assume that it has to be visible from the rear of the bike but can it side mounted as long as it is seen from in back or is it required to be mounted on the rear finder?
  13. As said plates are a standard size. The best thing for the op to do is to wait until his new plate arrives then take it to the shop for the holder to be made. If you give the shop the dimensions they will screw it up for sure. A lot of guys cut their plates down to make them look better leaving just the info still visible. The cops generally couldn't care less but if they wanted to they could hassle you about it and you would pay an instant fine.

    I would love to cut mine down but not sure. Anyone with some experience as to how the cops feel about this?
  14. I asked the Kawa dealer in cm to trim the license plate. They'd done it for my er6n back then. But this time they said no as it's illegal and I'd get into trouble for it. I can only assume that means some of their customers got fined for it.

    Cops love modifications... more money!!

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