LICME Classic bike ride Winter 2021


Dec 9, 2008
It was December and time for our 2021 LICME winter rally.

The Lanna Independent Classic Motorbike Endeavour was meeting in Na Haeo, Loei province.

Various preparations were being made.

2021-12-01 12.00.00.jpg
2021-12-01 12.01.00.jpg
2021-12-01 12.02.00.jpg
2021-12-01 19.00.00.jpg

I decided to take a couple of days to get to Loei, 550 klms from home.
2021-12-02 06.53.36.jpg

06:00 and a chilly morning.
2021-12-02 07.01.14.jpg
2021-12-02 11.23.24.jpg

On the road between Pong and Chiang Muan, a side road leads down to a picnic area and beach by the Yom River.
2021-12-02 11.21.30.jpg

In NaNoi and checked in to the HueanWadkian Resort. Very Comfortable and 700 Baht a night.
2021-12-02 15.34.43-1.jpg
2021-12-02 16.16.00.jpg
2021-12-02 16.16.29.jpg

I had parked on the grass right outside the room and next morning the mountains had disappeared in the mist.
2021-12-03 06.57.47.jpg

But a couple of hours later I was enjoying the super 1339 south from Na Muen.
2021-12-03 08.38.46.jpg

There was virtually no traffic and it was superb riding.
2021-12-03 08.45.05.jpg

By 09:00, I got the first view of the Queen Sirikit Reservoir, glinting in the sunshine.
2021-12-03 08.52.38.jpg

Meanwhile, back in Bangkok, the rest of the guys had got on the road.
2021-12-03 03.00.00.jpg

They had made a very early start, around 04:00 and had a 500 klm ride that day.

Khun Manas's '56 Thunderbird, now with windscreen.
2021-12-03 03.01.00.jpg
2021-12-03 06.00.00.jpg

No doubt, happy to be out of the city and on holiday, they were all enjoying the ride north.
2021-12-03 08.00.00.jpg
2021-12-03 08.01.00.jpg
2021-12-03 08.02.00.jpg
2021-12-03 08.03.00.jpg
2021-12-03 08.04.00.jpg

There were the usual sorts of issues when you ride 60+ year old bikes for long distances.
2021-12-03 09.00.00.jpg
2021-12-03 09.00.01.jpg
2021-12-03 09.01.00.jpg

Lewis Leathers, Barbour and Belstaff riding attire is always popular.
2021-12-03 09.02.00.jpg
2021-12-03 09.02.30.jpg

Good to see some of the ladies enjoying the ride too.
2021-12-03 09.03.00.jpg

I had reached the fishing village of Pak Nai and it was good to see the water level high. 2021 had given us plenty of rain, compared to the previous two years.
2021-12-03 09.04.54.jpg

I got on the ferry with a few other vehicles, going south, including a girl returning to Bangkok after a month touring the north on her own, on a scooter.
2021-12-03 09.50.31.jpg
2021-12-03 09.53.29.jpg
2021-12-03 10.03.09.jpg

The riders heading north, were going well
2021-12-03 10.30.00.jpg

Mountains ahead.
2021-12-03 11.00.00.jpg
2021-12-03 11.01.00.jpg
2021-12-03 11.02.00.jpg
2021-12-03 11.30.00.jpg
2021-12-03 11.31.00.jpg

Ah, someone needs more juice.
2021-12-03 11.33.00.jpg

So easy to share petrol on old bikes, just pull a hose off the carburettor.
2021-12-03 11.34.00.jpg
2021-12-05 15.34.00.jpg

I was heading past Phu Soi Dao and it was great riding with no traffic on a beautiful day.
2021-12-03 13.34.59.jpg

53 klms to the RP.
2021-12-03 14.01.21.jpg

I got to the Na Haeo Resort by mid afternoon and set up the tiny tent.
2021-12-03 16.00.09.jpg

Just to the south, the Bangkok team had met the twisties coming up to Na Haeo.
2021-12-03 15.00.00.jpg

Wow, that looks pretty extreme!
2021-12-03 15.01.00.jpg
2021-12-03 15.03.00.jpg

A little later, the guys arrived at the resort.
2021-12-03 16.49.59.jpg

This '58 Tiger T110 is a rare bike in Thailand, ridden by Khun Sanee, Khun Berm's son.
2021-12-03 16.53.23.jpg

Great to see a new rider, Khun Anon, on his well restored and smooth running mid Sixties R69.
2021-12-03 16.53.43.jpg

Khun Somchai had come on his beautiful, rigid frame, sprung hub '51 Thunderbird.
2021-12-03 16.53.48.jpg

Khun Ming was on his '58 Thunderbird.
2021-12-03 16.53.54.jpg

Mr Ian's '59 Thunderbird.
2021-12-03 16.54.03.jpg

Another new rider, Khun Ton, was on his amazing '47 Tiger.
2021-12-03 17.02.21.jpg
2021-12-03 17.09.55.jpg

Khun Ton had dropped his bike on one of those extreme bends just to the south. His drive side footpeg had taken the impact and broken off.
2021-12-03 17.10.05.jpg
2021-12-03 17.00.27.jpg

Luckily, some guys who were building a new bungalow at the resort, had a welding machine, so the footpeg was repaired in 20 minutes.
2021-12-03 17.11.07.jpg
2021-12-03 17.17.43.jpg

So, we had 8 classic bikes on this ride. Fantastic.
2021-12-03 17.12.47.jpg

Prayer time for some.
2021-12-03 17.18.33.jpg

Later, we had the "Golden Kickstart" award. This year presented to Khun Manas, mainly because of his amazing ride 2 years earlier, on the 1936 Harley Davidson WL side valve engined machine. This bike needed fuel every 80 klms and he rode it 800 miles from Nan to Bangkok in a very long day!
I recall his footwear was tennis shoes with no socks.!
2021-12-03 19.00.00.jpg
2021-12-03 19.01.00.jpg

The next morning, after a cold night in tents.
2021-12-04 06.19.32.jpg

Is this a tricky modification or just a petrol leak?
2021-12-04 08.53.35.jpg

A truly astonishing machine. This bike would win the "Finest Patina" award. An original Lucas 5" headlamp.
2021-12-04 08.53.49.jpg

The original Triumph panel tank oil pressure gauges are hard to find.
2021-12-04 08.53.54.jpg

Khun Ton should also get the "Iron Butt" award.
2021-12-04 08.54.17.jpg

Getting ready to head out north.
2021-12-04 09.02.38.jpg

First stop was the wonderful temple of Wat Sri Pho Chai, just west of NaHaeo, which is over 400 years old.
2021-12-04 09.56.07.jpg
2021-12-04 10.00.06.jpg
2021-12-04 10.03.08.jpg

Then on north into Phitsanulok, to Phu Soi Dao waterfall.
2021-12-04 11.00.00.jpg
2021-12-04 11.35.03.jpg

If you have time and energy, it is a 3 day hike up and down the mountain, 4th highest in the country. I was lucky to have done it a couple of years ago.
2021-12-04 12.05.27.jpg

2021-12-04 12.30.00.jpg
2021-12-04 12.31.00.jpg

It is fantastic riding on quiet windy roads, up the 1268 through Uttaradit and Bahn Koke, along the eastern border with Laos.
The cows weren't sure about all the ancient bikes and didn't want to cross the bridge!
2021-12-04 15.54.42.jpg

We had stopped for a break on the bridge over the Nan river, heading into Nan province.
2021-12-04 15.38.02.jpg

Khun Manas looks happy and I think he has socks on this year.

Mr & Mrs Berm. Khun Berm is our expert mechanic, so we always need him to be on the ride!
2021-12-04 15.32.02.jpg

We went up to Samoerdao and Pha Chu for camping, but it was extremely cold at the top of the mountain, as well as crowded and we had issues with the National Park people wanting to see vaccine apps. So, we blew that off and rode down the mountain to NaNoi and camped on the grass at the HueanWadKian Resort. A better option as it tuned out.

Mr & Mrs Ming having a good time on the ride.
2021-12-05 08.00.00.jpg
2021-12-05 08.01.00.jpg
2021-12-05 08.02.00.jpg

Next day, we rode out of NaNoi and up over the Khun Sathan National Park. Wonderful scenery.
2021-12-05 10.00.00.jpg
2021-12-05 10.01.00.jpg

Khun Berm's '54 Thunderbird is his trusty steed,
2021-12-05 10.02.00.jpg
2021-12-05 10.03.00.jpg
2021-12-05 10.11.33.jpg

Riding down the mountain, we stopped for coffee.
2021-12-05 11.01.00.jpg

Does Khun Ton win the prize for "Best Dressed Rider" as well?
2021-12-05 10.33.00.jpg

2021-12-05 10.43.39.jpg

We were then riding through Phrae province and more small mountain roads.
2021-12-05 12.40.00.jpg
2021-12-05 12.37.21.jpg
2021-12-05 12.41.13.jpg

Oh Dear. Man (and woman) Down!
2021-12-05 12.50.00.jpg

Luckily, no injuries or damage.
2021-12-05 12.51.00.jpg

There is a wonderful tree, close to Wat Inkwan, Golden Rock., just east of Phrae city.
2021-12-05 13.30.00.jpg

We then rode into the city to see our friend Khun Tinagorn, who didn't come on the ride, this time.
2021-12-05 14.20.26.jpg
2021-12-05 15.00.00.jpg

2021-12-05 15.07.44.jpg

We added Khun Tinagorn's bikes to the line-up; a '65 Velcette Venom and a 1936 Ariel VG500.

Then we all rode to the Menu Plah Restaurant, just down the road, for a fish supper.
2021-12-05 20.00.00.jpg
2021-12-05 20.01.00.jpg
2021-12-05 21.00.00.jpg
2021-12-05 20.48.22.jpg

The Amal 276 Pre-Monobloc carburettor on Khun Ton's bike was suffering from a leaky float, so it would not shut the fuel off when the float bowl was full.
The brass float was replaced with a cask bottle cork, which worked a treat.
2021-12-05 21.09.52.jpg
2021-12-05 21.10.01.jpg
2021-12-05 21.30.00.jpg

Next morning, Khun Tinagorn's son, Edison, took the '36 Ariel out for a spin. Great to see the bike running and great to see young people getting into classic bikes (although Edison normally rides a new Triumph Thruxton, a rather different machine).

Then it was time to say Goodbye. I was heading north back to Chiang Rai and the rest of the guys were returning to Bangkok.
2021-12-06 09.00.00.jpg
2021-12-06 09.01.00.jpg

We plan to meet again in May 2022, for another LICME ride together.

This was a wonderful meeting, to have so many old bikes on the ride. Everyone enjoyed themselves and I think the old machines enjoyed riding together as well!

2021-12-06 09.02.00.jpg

From Phrae, I rode across to Ngao, Phayao and then Wiang Papao, to the Thung Thewi Hot Springs.
2021-12-06 12.00.00.jpg

Great to fully warm up after a few days of cold riding.
2021-12-06 12.01.00.jpg

By the time I got home, I had ridden 860 miles in 5 days, without any mechanical issues. Happy days indeed. Well done, Trevor the Triumph!

The rest of the guys rode all day and into the evening to get home.
2021-12-06 10.00.04.jpg


It seems things were pretty normal on the ride back.

That is our LICME motto; "We Ride Em, We Fix Em"!
2021-12-06 10.01.00.jpg

Thank you to Everyone, for the wonderful ride together. I am already looking forward to the next one.!

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Jul 20, 2018
Looks like a great time had by all. Fantastic to see the golden oldies still in use.


Jun 1, 2018
These are great pictures. Excellent to see it all on the road. I hardly see any classic large displacement bikes on the Thai roads.


Dec 9, 2008
If you like classic bikes and you have time, head down to Kanchanaburi in November, to the Vintage Bike Rally. Used to be every year at the Sri Nakarin Dam, but '20 & '21 were cancelled. Hopefully, it will be on this year.
There are reports on the forum here, of the Vintage Bike Rally meetings. It is an amazing sight, to see so many old bikes, with some really special old machines.


Jun 1, 2018
I'd really like to but I'm working abroad most of the year unfortunately. I learned about this event in 2019 and then I planned on going in 20 and 21 because I was in Thailand working remotely. But indeed both were canceled unfortunately. K'buri is close to BKK so it's an excellent opportunity. I used to ride a 1973 CB550F back in college in the early 2000s. I had so much fun with it, but it was an endless workout keeping it on the road. I got it for just 100$ and there was lots to be fixed.

Anyhow, I enjoy watching all these pictures and trip reports. Thanks for sharing.