lids-which provinces?

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  1. i,m told theres 17 provinces where helmets are compulsary,can anyone tell me which ones?do they vary in strictness?+whats fine if pulled up without one?[B)]
  2. yes,heard that before.don,t need a lecture-anyone know which provinces?
  3. I think like most laws in Thailand it's up to the copper on the spot, if he is needing a cash injection after spending his monthly wages on gambling and mia nois he'll most likely fleece you.
  4. It is a legal requirment since 2003 to wear a helmet in all provinces,
    it is not properly enforced but you would be very stupid to ride any motorcycle without a good helmet.

  5. He'll learn, if he's lucky!

    'Youth is wasted on the young'
  6. I think Penetrator has hit it on the head. You may also notice other inconsistencies in rural Thailand. Eg Kids are allowed to ride bikes to and from school (with or without a helmet) but they are likely to get pulled over by the cops if they're riding after school hours or clearly not going to school. Same goes for registered bikes. You can usually get away with riding an unplated bike on the village streets in Bangkok or pretty much in any province but if you ride it out on the main roads look out!
    Just my observations after 17 years of hanging around this part of the world. So probably not worth much.
  7. Some people like the feeling of wind through thier hair.
    I like the feeling after you hear that "DONK" sound and realising "yeah that worked"
  8. Pleeeeeeeeeeeezzzz! Not ANOTHER helmet argument; see "Helmets, let the arguement begin!" ... rms=phuket if you want to debate again....
  9. i,m not gona wear 1 if i can get away wth it(main rds ok)like the feelin of wind in my hairs!-now!i,m 44-not so young julian!,shld know better tuttut,after years of wearin in uk i,ll take chance til novlty wears off.
  10. News item posted on ... pic=101863 but does not state the source. This will apply to all provinces;


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