Lifan Cross 200 gas KPL and range (includes a question for Lifan owners)

Discussion in 'Lifan Motorcycles' started by JB2112, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. JB2112

    JB2112 Ol'Timer

    The spec's sheet lists the tank as being a 10L tank including a 2.3L reserve tank. As there are some misspellings/grammatical errors in the book I wanted to confirm that this meant a 10L tank BEFORE you switched to a reserve tank, thus totaling 12.3L.

    Today I did some riding, and on a mixed environment of highways, mountains, and village roads I averaged 27KPL. On a full tank, the range before I sputtered and switched to the reserve was 272km, really close to making this a 10L tank.

    I was not able to confirm how much further I could go with the reserve tank. Has anyone confirmed/tested the 2.3 L reserve tank?


    At least now I know I can do my Mae On > Mae Sai runs on a full tank: 240km. :crazy:
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  3. JB2112

    JB2112 Ol'Timer

    Reserve tank was tested today until bone dry: I got 45km's out of it so the 2.3L tank sounds fairly close.
    That gives me a 320 km range maximum. WOW!
  4. DavidFL

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    320 kms on a tank, that should be more than enough for riding off-road in North Thailand.
    But how did you run out - deliberate or accidental?
  5. JB2112

    JB2112 Ol'Timer

    Deliberately accidental!
    I was <2km shy of my local station and had been aiming FOR it. I got a push from a young Thai bloke on a scooter.
    People certainly can be friendly and helpful here in Thailand!
  6. hs0zfe

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    Are you happy with your Lifan 200? How many kilometers have you ridden it?


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