Lifan for sale near ChiangRai

Discussion in 'Lifan Motorcycles' started by David Learmonth, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. David Learmonth

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    Coming from ChiangRai towards MaeChan, just after the airport traffic lights is the big Izusu dealer on the left hand side - shortly after here is a large dealer selling different kinds of Lifan. I have no idea as to what quality of service they offer but they might be able to help any Lifan riders with problems in the ChiangRai area.
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  3. JB2112

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    Thanks for this post as I was thinking about taking my Lifan up to Mae Sai next week. I may stop in and check out the service area, if they have one!

  4. JB2112

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    Here is the business card (I hope!) for the dealer.
    No English spoken here in the least.
    Nice clean shop.
    That is all I have for you!


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