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  1. little help
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    What a great service this board is!

    I'm leaving in two days for my first trip to Thailand. From California where I ride my MZ super-motard all over the hills in the SF Bay Area (and just got back from a trip to Yosemite). I'll be travelling with two other guys, both know their way around a bike as well. I'm wondering if someone can point me in the right direction in Chiang Mai for renting a decent bike, something in the 600ish enduro range would be great.
    Will be touring GT for a week or so and then heading to Hanoi for some riding in North Vietnam. Any insights there would also be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions on where to go/what to do up there.

    Joe Graney
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    In Chiang Mai, your 2 best bets are
    1. Joes Bike Team / Goodwill Motorcycle Hire and
    2. Lek Big Bike
    Addresses, bikes & prices are at
    if you want to take a look.

    My advice is start with the MHS Loop for a few days, (3-5) then head off for the Golden Triangle & Laos border.
    Wherever you are in North Thailand you can get back to Chiang Mai in a day, so whenever you've had enough just had for home (Chiang Mai.)

    What you need for the trip are
    1. A good bike (see above)
    2. Motorcycle touring kit of Mae Hong Son Loop map, B&B North Thailand guide map plus the Golden Triangle Motorcycle Touring Guide Book. With the kit you should always know exactly where you are, how far to go and what the road condiitons are. These you can buy in Chiang Mai when you get here. George at Gecko books has them all, so do Bookzone on Thapae Road, and Surawongse Book Centre on Sri Dornchai road.

    Enjoy the riding. Its awesome fun up here.

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    For North Vietnam info, do a search for the Minsk Club in Hanoi. They can give you some advice on renting a bike there. Don''t expect to find anything big.

    Definitely get out to Halong Bay and do a boat tour.

    If you plan to spend a while there, the buy and sell option may be better.


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