Mar 11, 2004
I happened to read Lloyds riveting despatch from Isarn this morning, because I ride quite extensivly around the area and know it quite well. The final part in his column was a bit about Ban Chaing was fasinating for me. He says its "a major tourist destination" and "Buses roll in on an hourly basis". Well Loydy, Wifey and I have land and a house in Ban Chiang and in the last 8 years of spending about 2 months per year there, I don't believe I have EVER seen a tourist coach there. As for being a major tourist attraction, don't think so mate! be nice if it was I would set Mum up with a small coffee house, she could live there and I could shack up with my Mia noi in Bangkok. But with a tourist count of maybe 10 a week, I just don't think its vaiable. Big question is does Lloyd write this stuff himself or just look it up in Lonely planet? Does Hot Fudge actually exist or is it just all fudged ?
Aug 31, 2005
Haven't read lloyds story this week, but last time i visited Ban Chaing (Jan 05) the main pit was empty. All the skeletons and pots had been removed as there was a flooding problem so there was almost no point in visiting. There were probably 5 other people at the museum.



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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
Yep, agreed that ol Lloyd The Solo Rider might have got his facts slightly wrong about Ban Chiang.
It's like a lot of his other Thailand 0n Two Wheels reports where the facts / content seem to be a bit screwed up / almost missing.
He usually gets lost / can't find the road out of / into town, the hotel beside the river (there's either no hotel or river?), no ice with his drink, & / or does not get the right food.
Indeed he seems to be seriously challenged with most things he does.
Then he supposedly has a bike called Hot Fudge?
You have to wonder here's coming from / going to?
I wonder if perhaps it has something to do with the quality & quantity of the Regency that he drinks?
On the positive side there were no overpriced dogs in this week's story or swipes at the TAT.
I look forward to next week’s adventure, as I don’t doubt that it will make me feel good when I’m out riding & enjoying life.
In answer to your question I think that yes, he does write his own stuff up, but over a bottle of Regency with Lonely Planet close beside him. For indeed he is a solo rider.

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