Lobos Bike Party in Nong Khia

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  1. We just got home from it, nice party they did a good job. Not to be confused with Nong Khai Bike week, this club did it all themselves, they had a good trunout form all over Thailand. Some of thier chapters from Germany were in attendence.

    I would say if they have another try to attend it.

    I have photos but no clue how to post them
  2. Hi Ray,
    See your bike is now travelling supersonic speeds, left Udon for the party, 5.30pm, enjoyed the party, back home and posted for 6.14pm, thats impressive.
    More seriously, you need to post the photos on one of the free sites that hosts pictures, I can give you a few links if you email me, you then include the URL of the picture in the your post, by using the little Img button at the top of the screen that you see when you are replying. When someone accesses the post, the picture loads from the site, best to post fairly small image sizes otherwise the posts take ages to load.
  3. Hi Ray

    be happy to talk you thru' it, especially as am back home and ADSL, the last 3 months only on dial up was a pain..

    Anyway, join www.photobucket.com its free

    once joined try and see if you can download some of your fotos to this site

    when you have done that, send us an email and will talk you thru' the next step


  4. No Worries Colin

    gee mate you are right, seems like another foto hosting site, be handy to use once we fill photobucket up


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