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  1. Hi Guys. A friend & I would like to tour the North, BKK, Mae Sot, Mae Hong Son to Pai & CM.

    But he wants to know the condition of the paved roads between Mae Sot & Mae Hong Son. We will be riding 1000 cc sport bikes.

    Any info & updates appreciated. Thanks Rick
  2. very doable, although a little dirty in the mid-section from mae sot heading north to mae sariang. from mae la noi north though its a fantastic surface. none of it compares to nan province though, dont know how set on your route to MHS you are, but on 1000cc sport bikes id be going to nan!
  3. I'm with Luke...

    MHS is a good enough route, but mainly well known because of it's proximity to CM, and because all of the backpackers want to go to Pai...

    That also means the roads are heavily trafficed, dirty with tyre rubber and gravel, and more chopped up...

    For real riding, West of CM including Nan seems to be much better... especially on a sports bike...

    https://www.gt-rider.com/thailand-motorc ... t6735.html

  4. Have a look on my routes what i have done wit lads,, just click left hand side(Trip list) of the dates(ddmmyy, format) and you'l see the routes we done, then you can see hows twisty roads are i different places..

    Exelent riding in Nan, and ok in MHS(IMHO),,

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