Location to share Routes / Tracks ?

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  1. Hi All,

    Just wondering if there is a location to share routes publicly on this forum..

    I for one am very happy to share routes and would have really found it useful to have used other peoples known routes when planning trips.. Of course things change but better than nothing when going really remote or a new way that you are not sure about.

    Tracing over Google Earth is OK.. but the images can be 5 plus years old..

    Just a thought as I am sure we could all benefit from sharing routes / tracks traveled around the region.

  2. Sounds good. I am willing to share mine with everyone.. They are not from any of the tours or other people that make a living from routes.
    Just what I have ridden or plan to ride and willing to share.

  3. Hello,

    Although I'm pretty new here and consequently hesitate to jump into this discussion full bore, I feel compelled to say that I cannot imagine any reason that GT-Rider should discourage the sharing of tracks. The reason I encountered this thread in the first place is because I have a couple of tracks I recorded during a recent motorcycle trip along the east coast of Thailand's southern arm that I'd like to share. To continue....

    There's no copyright issue I'm aware of and the tracks are the property of the individual contributor, if you can even call a collection of lat/lon coordinates "property". A track is not patentable or copyright worthy because it's merely a collection of points that could be collected in numerous ways, with "generic equipment" (that is, equipment that is generally available) by anyone who has the desire to do so. Moreover, many other sites already do distribute and make available GPS tracks of various hikes, road trips and the like. So how could GT-Rider have a problem with their distribution?

    If a person intended to sell those tracks through use of the GT-Rider website, that would be an entirely different matter.

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