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  1. I have had a TTR 250 Yam. for about one year
    The green book is registered down south to the former owner.
    The motor doesn't have a # ,the book does.
    I have all the transfer docs and the book.
    I have paid the insurance and taxes in C.M.-no problem.
    1. Can I transfer the bike in C.M.?
    2 And since it was registered down south ,how about there?
    The book has a motor # but the scratch tape used to verify the #s has the frame # on both strips.
    3 What is required at the Lao border to take it on a ride there.Does it have to be in my name?
    Thanks, Marc
  2. Here is some info for point 3


    You might want to consider posting those other questions under Northern Thailand General Discussion.
    Sure some of the guys up there will help out.. May be missed here in the Lao section.


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