Lodging in Ban Rak Thai (AKA Mae Aw) or Ban Ruam Thai?

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  1. Only web info I've found about lodging in Ban Rak Thai or Ban Ruam Thai is the 2009 Lonely Planet guide or copies of that info. Ban Rak (Mae Aw) is a day trip destination so I wonder if any day trippers have noticed guesthouses there?

    Why stay in Ban Rak? I'm retired and I like to travel slow. To see and photograph sunsets and sunrises. And to have an overnight stop on what would be a long day (by my standards) if I have to return to Mae Hong Son.

  2. I was up there last Sunday.

    Did a ride around the town.. didn't notice anything obvious right up the top accommodation wise.
    Looks like it would all shut down near or after sun set.
    Also very basic.. Nothing wrong with that.. but just makes me think there is none or if lucky one place to sleep.

    Very small town and mainly geared up for day trippers.. Loads of places selling Tea and sweets etc..

    Here is a picture and GPS track.

    Few coffee place etc along the road on the way up. Nothing once you start going up the mountain that I remember.. may be one coffee place in a small town.
    There was one guest house situated along the river.. At the time I thought this looks like a nice get away place.. Way before you start the climb up the mountain. Looked a nice location from the road. There was a sign.. River is on your left going to Ruk Tai

    I should add.. I was taking my time and from MHS to Ruk Tai.. It took me 1hr 10 mins.. 40+ km.. So if you go up and can't find anything.. Plenty of time to go back down and find the place along the river.

    Hope that helps
  3. It certainly does. Thank you.

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