LOEI its fantastic for scenery and Roads

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  1. Been touring Loei recently with Car and Ducati its a great place for good roads , especially the 203 from Nakon Thai in Phitsanalok , to Phu Rua and Loei sweeping roads through beautiful valleys, mountains lots to see ,the road from Uttaradit to Nakon thai is great also 1143.
  2. Cant ride it today as I am in the car with wife and Minimonster .

    Minimonster did a bungy jump at Xcentre last week .
  3. Agree completely Jerry.

    Now you'll have to go one further and get up to Nan. Truly awesome.
  4. 500THB on 3rd floor and up,, was there also last time
  5. Try the 3002 road its beautiful but watch out for the ominously named 100 Dead Bend as it claimed 6 more lives this week even with police check points at the top and bottom some dumb Thais managed to kill themselves.

    King Hotel is good , PhuRua is a nice little town with good accomodations,
  6. Hi Friends,

    If you're still there I remember a visit in the wine area of Loei (Chateau de Loei ) and was surprised to find very acceptable wine.

    Some Cabernet cepages (white and red) that I recommand ...

    I take the opportunity of this post to wish you all a Very Happy New Year 2010
  7. The 3002 is off the 203 going East from Phu Rua town pass the PhuLuang wildlife sanctuary park about 1km turn right it goes for abot 37km to the 201 Road.

    I could not find the Chateau de Loei its not on any map and the tourist info office has no details . Its website only show bangkok Address.I spent ages searcdhing all over for it.
  8. Chateau de Loei is on the ESRI V 10 GPS map. Chateau de Loei Vineyard is located at N17.39985 E101.28944 along Rd 203 between Kok Ngam and Phu Ruea about 11-12 km west of Phu Ruea.

    The 3002 turns off Road 203 about 40 km east of Phu Ruea to Wang Saphung. Somewhere halfway it links with the 2140 which then links with the 201.
  9. We had garmin ESRI Version 10THAI and Chateau de loei was not on it , but it was my wifes Thai version , I now have Eng version and yes its on there .....HO HUM next time then.
  10. so many good comments. Can anyone suggest a good three night, four day ride route through this area starting and ending CNX

  11. I use this road as a regular short cut between the 201 and the 203, avoiding Loei if I am travelling to or from Nan. It saves a lot of Km, but does have the disadvantage that it misses the most enjoyable part of the 203 going into Loei.
    Forgive me being pedantic, but the 3002 starts about 17km East of Phu Ruea, it is a great road thro lovely varied scenery and not much traffic.
    The road does have some unexpected twists and turns, there is a very sharp LH bend only a few km after leaving the 203, but I guess the Dead bend is a bit further on and is well signposted, even a hump to slow you down before reaching it, it is two sharp bends dropping downhill. From the nasty gouges in the road, one can see that there has been trouble, but never seen any police around there.
    The 3002 merges with the 2140 heading into the centre of Wang Saphung.
  12. Hi John,

    Thanks for pointing it out that it is 17 km from Phu Ruea instead of 40 km I indicated - don't know where I got the 40 km. from.
  13. Nice ride from Udon to Loie, instead of the 201

    2 towards Nong Kai

    2021 Ban Phue




    2136 Loie

    Very little traffic good roads and some twisties.
  14. Take route 11 from CM to Uttaradit, just after uttaradit get onto the 1143 to Nahkon Thai is a nice road then from Nahkon Thai get onto 203 to loei you wont regret it
  15. over XMAS new year break the police had checkpoints and warnings at top and bottom of the 100 dead bend ,and cones in the middle but it did not stop idiots from commiting suicide.Amazing Thailand
  16. Take route 11 from CM to Uttaradit, just after uttaradit get onto the 1143 to Nahkon Thai is a nice road then from Nahkon Thai get onto 203 to loei you wont regret it
    Many thanks for this. I'll start plotting the run right now for my visit in June


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