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  1. Hi,

    I'm going to make a big (on-road tour) in the North of Thailand. One of the sections will be Loei to Nan. What's the driving distance between the two cities? What's the best route? How are the road conditions? Is it totally safe close to the border?

  2. Speedy

    Don't worry - everything is safe.

    Loei to Nan is easily done in one day, no matter which routes you take. If you want 100% paved roads, you will have to head west to Uttaradit, then go north to Nan.

    Here is a recent report on the main routes between Loei and Uttaradit.
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    You could also choose to follow the smaller roads closer to the Lao border. These are paved, but more windy and slower travelling.

    Once you get close to Uttaradit, Routes 11 and 101 will get you to Nan very quickly.

    There are routes that head north to Nan before you get to Uttaradit, but there will be some unpaved sections. Read this post for recent conditions around Nan.
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