Loei to the Phitsanulok Bike Party

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    I left Loei and rode up to Chiang Khan to meet up with Brianbkk who was riding back to Chiang Mai from Udon Thani. We were still some hours apart so i decided to head for Phitsanulok where i had heard the previous night that there was a Big Bike Party on.

    Back to Loei and up the ranges to Phu Rua, Dan Sai and down the other side to Nakon Thai where i stopped for a cold drink. All great riding roads, good scenery, good road conditions, plenty curves, just a good pleasant ride. I was soon joined by some of the Loei Biker Club riding some impressive machinery. Nice group of Thai bikers and they asked me to join them on the final 100km run into Phitsanulok .... a fast lane splitting ride where i did not dare to lose face so held position all the way.

    The Bike Party was held in the grounds of the local technical college and there were thousands of bikes there. 100 baht entry fee, food catered, Chang Export but everyone was loaded up with hard drink supplies. Three rock bands played and supported by several groups of Coyote dancers. As the night wore on the Thai guys loosened up. There was more Harley 'look at me gear' worn than possibly all of the US.

    A great entertaining night and surprisingly no trouble.

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  3. Cheers for the report and pics Gary, I used to love going to the provincial bike weekends...... there's just soooo many now, I wouldn't be suprised given the number of bike clubs in Thailand if there's not something on every weekend of the year now!

    But...... why oh why have Thai bikers adopted the use of 1% on their colours? I'll bet most of 'em have absolutely no idea what it signifies! For me it's a real shame to see how 3 of the biggest international 1%'er outlaw clubs now have a strong foothold in Thailand, and even though the President of the largest one in Thailand (logo is a little Mexican chappie wearing an oversized sombrero) has gone on record to say they will continue to promote the Thai "Biker Friendship" model...... the times they are a changing and backpatch clubs are going to be under a lot more scrutiny in the years to come....... especially if the silly buggers add 1% to their logo!
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    Thanks for the education Martin. I was not aware of the 1% connection.

  5. Gary D

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    Thanks Martin for the education. I was not aware 1% connection. BTW the colour in the photo belonged to a local female school teacher.
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    1% of bikers give the other 99% a crap reputation ,

    actually non thai Bandidos get serious attention from the DSI and regional crime sqauds , to the point where they have been driven out of pattaya ,or underground if they wanr a quiet life.

    HA are around but rarely wear colours in Thailand i have 3 living in my Mu Baan all living the good life very discreetly , they are not really active here as its a holiday neutral ground for them also they are under the eye of the DSI .

    Nother major club recently (maddogs ) had a big exit of members some left the country others seem to have retired ???
  7. Mate I wouldn't call (the Bandidos) having a high profile bar on soi Khao Noi exactly being driven underground..... I also just rode past their new Kamphaeng Phet clubhouse right on the side of Highway 1 the other day..... ablaze with colours!
    The 3rd outlaw club I was referring to is the Outlaws who now have a prospect clubhouse in Pattaya. The Mad Dogs, similar to the Jesters and my club Nagas have a huge number of members working overseas, which is why you don't see too many of 'em these days...... we just had our 9th anniversary bash out at Mulligans on the lake and only about 10 MDMC and 8 Jesters were able to make it.
    HA are often in Banana's bar (Cafe Kronberg) as he has many Danish HA visiting and that's where you'll see HA Thailand colours.
    It's gonna be a sad day when one of the 3 establish in Chiang Mai..... Loi Kroh road is a very very small bar area!

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