Lonely Planet Thailand – New Edition

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  1. The new edition of «*Lonely Planet Thailand*» has hit the bookstore shelfs (Published Feb 2012). Again kind references are made to GT-Rider’s website and to the GT-Rider’s maps.
    p.299*: «*The best source of information on motorcycle traveling in the north, not to mention publishers of a serie of terrific motorcycle touring-based maps, is Golden Triangle Rider (GT-Rider*; www.gt-rider.com) Their website includes heaps of information on renting bikes (including recommended hire shops in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai) and bike insurance, plus a variety of suggested tours with maps and an interactive forum.*»
    *p. 283*: «*If you’re renting a motorcycle for touring the countryside around Chiang Mai, check out the tips and routes at Golden Triangle Rider (www.gt-rider.com).
    *p. 380*: «* An excellent driving companion is Golden Triangle Rider’s Mae Hong Son Loop Guide Map, available at most bookshops in Chiang Mai. The map shows accurate distances between locations along the loop, as well as potential side trips and other helpful information.*»
    *p.284: Mae Sa Valley&Samoeng, “The 100km route makes a good day trip with private transport or a country getaway with an overnight in Samoeng. Golden Triangle Rider (www.gt-rider.com) publishes a detailed map of the area”
    *The 2012 edition (14th) of «*Lonely Planet Thailand*» replaces the August 2009 publication. It is a well worth update, a mine of new information and it should be in all bikers’ bags for trips in Thailand, together with the (red colored) GT-Rider maps.
    Comments from members on Facebook:*
    Ben Kemp: This is a tribute to the efforts of all the GT-Rider contributors who have unselfishly shared their Trip Reports, knowledge and experience with others over the years. Thanks to everyone who has given their time to help make GT-Rider the best English-language motorcycle touring website in S.E. Asia. Thanks also to the Editors and Moderators who are helping with creation and management of the expanding website content!
    Brian Moto-Mania Ennion*:*Better start getting some more maps printed icon_smile.gif

  2. Well done Guys and a Rightful reward for all the Years of Hard work done for the benefit of so Many!
  3. Agreed Ian and frankly the only really reliable source of information for motorcycling in the North and surrounding countries which benefits so many local riders and visitors alike. There is so just much information in all those GT Rider websites.:happy5:
  4. Agreed and well done.Definately no need to look elswhere . Compliments to you also David for all the years of hard work making it all happen.
  5. Most « Lonely Planet » guides are available in eBook format (.pdf). In addition to a hardcopy, I recently bought the electronic edition for « Thailand ».

    The advantage of a pdf book is its portability. It can be read on almost all platforms, including tablets and smatphones. When loaded on iPad, iTouch or whatever, it allows to travel lite!

    For people who do not insist on hard-copies, it also provides some savings (19.59 US versus 27.99 or 995.- THB for the hardcopy). It is possible to acquire only specific chapters (Isan, North Thailand, ...) for 4.95 US.

    The electronic text can be searched so that I found another reference to « GT-Rider » that I had overseen when reading the hard-copy:

    Page 334: « From Chiang Khong, the trip is as straightforward as heading south on Rte 1020 and following the signs to Phu Chi Fa, … For Thailand, the signs are surprisingly clear, but a good companion is the Golden Triangle Rider's « Golden Triangle map ».


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