Long shot.. Chiang Mai DRZ owners.

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  1. Does anyone have a 14T front sprocket ?? In Chiang Mai ?? Today !! (not asking much is it !!)

    I just changed a wheelset and the 15/41 combo is longer than I would like especially as its now an 18 inch rear. Its not end of the world important but would be much happier to solve it.

    I had planned for this, ordering 13T for real off rd and a 14T back when I got the chain and rear, but clean forgot I got tapped up for them by someone here.

    Its a long shot, but as theres a few DRZ owners here in town, its worth a try. Looking for a 14T sprocket today, otherwise just have to live with it. Obviously willing to pay.

    Note to self, never leave changes until the last minute.
  2. Check either at Joe's or the Motocross Shop? They have a variety of Sprockets there?
  3. Thanks Ian, will give them a go..
  4. I´ve got a DRZ a few years ago and as I remenber, it had the sprockethole like my old DR 350/250s. For them I have many sprockets with differenz teeth, pretty sure also 14. I´ll be back in CNX in 2month. Call me in december, 086-9212570
  5. Hey, do you have any 400e wheels? I have 400sm wheels on my 400e and want to change them out for on/off road.Or maybe you know where I can find something.After market is fine.I hope to be in CM in December.Thanks
  6. I have a set, but not realy 'spare'..

    I sourced mine as hubs and rims on ebay and had them powdercoated and laced.. Added up to a bit of a whack over all once factoring in sprockets and stuff.. Much easier if you can find a complete set but not easy. I wanted them when I wanted them, no patience as usual.

    Scour ebay.. And factor in some postage costs.
  7. Thanks for the reply. I am Cambodia now but to change here they want my wheels plus $200 USD. So thinking i can do better in Thailand when I get there.I am hoping the PistonShop in CM can help.I had work done there before and they were very good.

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