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  1. I need a place to park my scooter for 5-6 months in Bangkok - preferable near Suvarnabhumi - while I'm home. Any suggestions?

    The last time, I tried to use the long term parking at Suvarnabhumi, but that turned out to be a disaster. They wouldn't accept my scooter and instead I had to use the short time parking, as I had no time to find alternatives. Ended up costing me around 12,000 baht, as well as 6 hours to find it again as they had moved it, and they didn't know where to.

    Later I found out that in order to use long term parking you have to be a member, which is not that easy to become. Also, I am not sure if it is a good idea parking a scooter at the long time parking lot. Seemed rather deserted when I was there. Anyone here that have tried to park there?
  2. Not Bangkok, but why not use Piston Shop in Chiang Mai. Fly into / out of Chiang Mai?
    Many guys leave their bikes with Piston Shop.
  3. Maybe I should have said:

    I am in Phuket now. I plan to drive to Bangkok and leave the scooter there. When I return, I plan to go Pattaya, Koh Chang and other destinations that way.
  4. Man, I wish I could offer you a spot at my house but I've already got a couple of other friends bikes in my 2-car parking and along with my bikes I am seriously running out of space....

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