Long-term private renting (or advice needed)

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    Hello everyone.

    I'm preparing for my every-year-winter in Thailand. This year I have some plans ti visit east of the country and may be have a ride from north to south and back again. I will live in Chiang Mai, but thats a little problem with bike rentals. On the one hand, they usually will not able you to ride far away, like to Isaan or Ranong. It's a problem, because I's like to ride more. On the other hand, I like cruisers, and usually you cannot find anythinhg except 200cc Phantoms - a little bit weak for me. Only Mr. Mechanic has 400cc Steed, but it looks rusty.

    So I'm trying to think - maybe someone have a bike and don't ride it (for example I have two - one little HD Sportster for city riding and bigger HD Roadking for interstating). I can rent it it for a long (or not so long) time with putting you my passport or with other terms.

    Also advice needed - where in CM stores is good choice of bikes - japaneese little cruisers like Steed, Shadow, Dragstar, etc? Maybe I will buy someone.
    And what is the best way to sell the bike after riding? Any shops, where I can leave my bike and get my money immediatily?

    Thank you, guys!

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