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  1. Hi guys and gals of gt-rider,

    I'm currently holed up in Nha Trang waiting on a visa extension and thought I'd share a little of what I've learnt regarding visa's for those who may be intending to spend some time here.

    ...yes, still in Nha Trang after nearly two months. I kinda like the place, what can I say? Haha!

    Suprisingly I've learnt that your visa extension depends largely on where you entered the country. I am not sure how this is for smaller border crossings but the information I've gathered relates to those flying in to either Hanoi or HCMC.

    For those who entered via HCMC:
    You're in luck. A 3 month visa won't cost you anymore than $120. $100 seems to be the norm although I did get a super low quote of $70. I didn't enquire as to what a one month visa would cost but I couldn't see it being significant.

    For those who entered via Hanoi:
    Those flying in from Hanoi regardless of visa type and length CANNOT extend their existing visa. You can however simply re-apply for a new visa by sending your passport down to HCMC. All is not lost but it is more expensive than had you flown into HCMC initially. To apply for a straight out 3 month visa you are looking at spending $300-$350. The other option is to apply for a one month visa... but do so three times. A one month visa ranges from $45-$70. So, basic maths tells us that you'd be looking at close to half of the cost to do it this way over getting a 3 month visa straightout. This does take a few days extra so it might not be the best option for those pressed with time.

    Better yet you can apply for a new one month visa AND then a short time after (given that you are now no longer travelling on the visa you initally entered the country on) apply for a 3 month visa which will then put you in the same category as those who entered via HCMC and any subsequent visa extensions will be cheap as chips in comparison.

    So, if you only have a rough itintery and looking at staying for a while perhaps look at entering via HCMC.

    I have heard (from a few guide books) that if you are already on a 3 month visa (and as I am) you can only apply for a one month extension. This is INCORRECT. If it's correct someone should really tell all the expats here in Nha Trang as they simply apply for a 3 month visa every 2 and a half months or so.

    I've got the above information from a few sources here in Nha Trang. I've enquired with a few hotels (nearly all hotels will arrange to extend your visa) and a few seperate travel agencies. Please also remember that this could change at any time and you may hear slightly different variations depending on location but as of today and as of Nha Trang this is correct. Hope this helpful!

  2. SLACK.........................................& half your luck.

    We were fortunate, through reading each others posts on GT rider, to catch up with Dave whilst he was in Hoi An - lunch at Serenas on the beach at My Khe (part of wonderful China beach in Da Nang) followed by a few beers at the Ozzie operated pub - the Billabong no less - further up the beach at My An. It was a chance to exchange notes on our various rides in Vietnam.

    A photo from the Billabong:


    So where are the promised photos of the flooding in Hoi An & more particularly your update on the ride down the coast to Nha Trang? Is Oscar still with us?

  3. Hi Rod,
    Admittedly I have been rather slack! HoiAn flooding was rather anti-climatic as the water levels dramatically dropped by the morning. I do have some photo's to post of some of the streets a little wet though. I just wish it occured during the day so you could see a little more than my flash was able to illuminate!
    Oscar has just had the engine rebuilt which I've been running in now. I'm hoping the bike will now last to HCMC with few issues but then, I might be a bit of a dreamer. A bike certainly not short of issues! Character I'd like to say....

    I've been busy photographing some of the things I've been doing here in Nha Trang, places to eat/stay etc so hopefully I'll be posting that up very shortly. :)

    Are you still down south in the Mekong delta region?

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