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  1. I found in a box some old pictures from Thailand Trips 1989 - 90. But I have more than 1000 dias. I hope I found the time to develop them.

    On MTX between Khun Yuam and Maecham. 1989 for this way in this time 6 - 7 hours.


    More dust before Mae Chaem horror time for the friends behind me. ha ha


    Long neck woman deep in the dschungel the way was not easy we crossed many river and also a lot of dust. 1990 january.


    Thaton - Doi Maeslaong 6 -7 hours. Now 1 hour max. Sometimes very dangerous by bandits.


    Crossing some rivers, no bridges and every Akha hilltrib running so fast they can we they saw foreighn riders.


    Nice long bamboo bridge near Chiang Rai 1990 nearly more than 100 meter. Under the bridge a speed boat.....when you cross the bridge never look down .....


    Many more pictures in stock also many from laos in 1994 / 95 / 96 big different now. Coming next.

  2. That bridge must have kept the heart beating.
    Thanks for the post.
  3. those were the days!! Thx for sharing
  4. awsome photos... I wonder if there is anywhere in the world now, like Thailand was then...
  5. Yeah Great Photos Mate! Well done to get here in those Early Days! I never understood why Honda never kept producing the MTX? They were a fun little bike and the only Dirt bike option of the time and quite a Modern Bike compared to others of that Era! They could have easily made a 4-Stroke version with an Engine from the Phantom?
    Hell Time Flies!
  6. Thank you!!! now i'm rebuilding Honda MTX. it 20 year old

  7. Now I have a chance to to bring a lot of old video moovies from over 20 years ago to youtube. Trips on old Thailand 89 90 and so on. Also in Laos 1995 / 96 )97 I hope coming soon I think many people like it to see the old times.
  8. Wow you were not joking when you told me it was a lot wilder to get around in the early days Armin good photos look forward to seeing your youtube early days :thumbup:

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