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  1. Hi friends,

    Does anyone knows a shop where I could find a brand new and registred completly legal off-road bike with a green book such as:

    -HONDA XR 400
    -HONDA XR 650
    -HONDA CRE 250 X6
    -HONDA CRE 450 X6
    -SUZUKI DR 400S

    I would prefer a shop who have it in stock and not to process to deposit and all that kind of process...

    Does anyone would have an other proposal for such kind of bike, powerfull, big engine, reliable and quite light ?

    If someone knows please PM
  2. When you find this shop please let me know, I've been looking for it for the last 10 years.
  3. OK Men,

    Harry and Dave, sorry for this question but I thought it was possible as for me Thailand is far from being a late country in terms of consumption, do we not find here the most modern equipment, shoping malls, p^hones, computers and others...Why not for bikes, of course, you have to pay the price, but the cost was not the main purpose of my post.

    Do these bikes are available or not ?

    Anyway, now I do understand that' s not the case, nevermind, I know that' spossible to import a bike from Europe if I want it, the issue is that for my Ducati when I imported it (an managed it with NO grey issue) it tooke me quite a lot of energy and time thus I would like to avoid it byu ba bike on display.

    I listed a list of prefered bikes as I know these bikes from Europe as well as their prices for benchmark and these bikes are in the profile of what I look for a powerfull and veloce off-road bike.

    The post exchange on this forum is an opportunity for me to share our experiments and by that, avoid to waste time and spend it on issues Friends like you did already.

    So no more bother from me on this issue. OK Men, but if you see one bike around what I am looking for (even second hand but with clean papers only) please do hesitate to drop me a small post. Thanks by advance
  4. Azoulay-

    As I think you have read on this message board already, finding a brand new anything (except BMW) is quite difficult. If there was any one location or source for the bikes you list, even used ones, many of us would be lined up at the door. Finding the bikes you describe is near impossible and may times you must just take what you CAN find. Good Luck!
  5. No idea about registration on this 2004 Suzuki DRZ400 but it looks like a nice bike (at Red Baron).
  6. GRRR,

    Thanks Friend, that's exactly what I am looking for, I'll contact them as I want only registred bikes but that's fully in line with what I am looking for.

    Around 48 HP for 119 Kg, normally I remember this bike was sold in France in Supermotard version together with 2 extra complete wheels mounted with cross tires (for French readers http://www.moto-station.com/article725- ... -en-1.html ).

    The price seems to be in line with the European second hand bikes, of course depend of the conditions.

    Thanks again for this post.
  7. I believe the english version comes in 2 forms,one has electronic dials,electric foot,lights/winkers etc.
    the other doesn't, weighs 10k less, plastic tank,more power.
    and they went to upside down forks for 2003 iirc.
    earlier suspension wasn't as good.
    hope this helps
  8. I know you have been through the bureaucratic hoops with importing your Duke; but do be aware that should you buy another bike it does take some weeks [a month in my case for a new BMW] for the green book.
    This won't prevent you from riding the bike in Thailand just don't expect to be able to take it to Cambodia or Laos without le livre vert!
    You might want to look at Motozone as I gather they sometimes have grey import KTMs. Have you thought of a BMW F650GS - it just might meet your "brand new" requirements? And is backed up by BMW Thailand's legendary dealership service. As their service ethos should read, "it is almost better than nothing"!
  9. Hi Rhodie and thanks for your post back.

    Yes, that's right, even if I know the procedure and think I would be able to do it again for any vehicle, I do not intend to import again something from Europe to Thailand:

    -As already said headhacke and not nice to waste your time to run from one office to the other (fed up with burocraty, even if Civil Servants are MUCH nicer than those in France)
    -It is costfull and not competitive with local importers
    -Why not to give work to the Thai bike dealer atequal cost ?

    I could imagine that it takes you 1 month to register your brand new BMW but I suppose this was done by BMW Thailand, isn't it ?

    Thanks also for your advice to go to MOTOZONE, I will do it, as well; I know them I met a French guy called Cyril during last August but I wrote him several times and he never replied, I wrote as well to their generic e-mail address and neither reply also..This is a bit strange for me...The only issue is that I don't want at all any source of trouble thus no way for me to acquire any "Grey" bike for few thousands Bath of easy "savings"

    During summer I visited BMW BARCELONA Motor and was quite impressed by the shop, but less by the workshop I visited too at the back of the garage, but anyway it seems quite serious and I am convince this people can provide a good service being trained and controled like any other Offical BMW dealers by BMW.

    The issue is I was, 99 % near to buy a 1200 GS but then I thought it would be too big, too voluminous and too heavy for me.

    I think I would prefer a big mono cylinder around 400 or more cc (Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki). I think as well that it wouldbe easier to service from Thailand.

    Coming around twice a year in Thailand, for X'Mas and Summer Holidays, I won't ride to Cambodia, I think there is already enough to see for me around Chiang Mai and around BKK

    PS: Pour la beauté du geste, please note that in Europe "Duke" does not mean DUCATI, but means KTM Duke 640, 990...a KTM model. For DUCATI we use DUC aor DUCAT...
  10. AZOULAY...

    Don't know if it helps your search...but a shop in Pattaya
    has a Honda XR 400 and a Suzuki DRZ 400, though they may have
    sold the latter bike.

    Shop: Nippon Motobike
    Owner speaks some English, but sometimes has others on hand who
    speak better English. mobile 086-321-8951
  11. Hi CDRW,

    Thanks for the information, I 'll will visit the shop on the 22nd or 23rd, after having visited RED BARON in BKK as some GT-Rider friends signaled me a SUZUKI DRZ 400 at RB .http://www.redbaronbkk.com/docs/th/motodetail.php?id=73.

    RB sells it at 215.000 TBH on a "THANK YOU SALE"...

    Not knowing Pattaya bike shops, I would be a bit reluctant to source from there, would you have some advice ?
  12. As I'm new to motorcycling, I don't really know about the reliability (or ethics) of any of the Pattaya shops. So, it might be best to just look for a bike at the BKK shops that those with experience have suggested.

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