Looking for a riding partner for early March trips

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  1. Hi all,

    I will be in Chaing Mai around the 5th of March or thereabouts for a week and I'm hoping to meet up with some people for some day or overnight rides in N. Thailand.

    Anyone kicking around with some time on their hands?

    Thank you to everyone who posts details about their rides- what a great resource for someone like me! I have printed so many of your postings out for reference when I get there...

  2. Pam:
    I'm arriving in ChiangMai on or about the same day from the USA. I will be jet-lagged but this will be my second trip in 4 months for the purpose of hiring a bike in C.M. and riding for about two weeks probably to the west in the MaiHongSon area. I will be at the Top North Guest House inside the moat in a soi just off Moon muang Road. Not to be confused with the Top North Hotel!

    You can reply to the GT board here or my private email: [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]

    Tell me a bit more of your plans if you will, ok?

    You can't buy any Mahler cd's because I have them all.
  3. Plans... my plans are to be flexible.

    I just have to get myself to Saigon to fly home March 28- a friend from this website is trying to see if he can arrange a one-way bike rental from Hoi An to Saigon for me for the week before I leave so I can ride in Vietnam. Other than that, I'll probably float down the Mekong (without bike) for a couple of days through Laos after I leave CM. I was hoping to spend around a week in N. Thailand doing some rides, renting and returning my bike to CM.

    I will give you some more details by email.

  4. I will be arriving BKK on the 4th of March, and CM soon after. Will be around for about 3 months.

    [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
    Thai cell phone: 06 118 5993
  5. Hi Bob,

    Good to hear from you again- I got your phone # when you emailed in response to my "help a girl out" post but never seemed to get around to picking up the phone. I will be checking my hotmail acct while I'm travelling, so drop me a line once you get to CM.


  6. Hi Pam

    Try contacting :
    "Dan Dockery"

    He is involved with the Minsk Club in Hanoi, and has a company called Motorbiking Vietnam. He may be able to help arrange a bike for you there - rent or buy/sell. A second hand Minsk in good condition was going for about $400 US last year.


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