Looking for a Yamaha FZ1

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  1. I'm looking for a 2nd gen FZ 1 Fazer (2006-2009). Preferable with low miles and good condition (never crashed, no modifications).
  2. There is one for sale at the Piston Shop in Chiang Mai.
    What is your budget, I know of another one here in Isaan, that fits your description, but will not be going cheap.
  3. The first one I bought from Chiang Mai cost me 420 000 (2008 model, 10 000 km on it) and my friend bought one (2007, but only 3000 km) from BKK for 450 000 thb. So, those figures seems to be quite reasonable, I think.
  4. Hi, From the prices I have seen around, I am sure you are in the right price ball park.
    A friend, Brian has an FZ1 of the type you are looking for, but he is not available until the end of this month, due to work commitments.
    If you are not fixed up by then, I will pass on the details to you.
    Are you collecting FZ1's, if you already bought one in CM, and was that the nice looking red one on sale from the Yamaha shop ?
  5. Thanks John,

    That's fine, I'm not in such a hurry anyway... The reason why I'm looking for another FZ is just because I have couple of places where our family is living, depending of the season, and I just love the FZ 1. It's definitely the best bike for my taste & needs.

    My GF is riding a Kawasaki 250R, which is just right for a tiny Thai-lady and I have a Ninja 650R (or ER-6f) as well, just for fun. But I just adore the brute power of the FZ 1 and the nice sound of the previous generation R1 engine...

  6. Just stumbled over this one the other day.. And remembered the post.

    vhttp://www.google.co.th/search?hl=en&a ... afe=images

    MCW is usually over priced on used sales IMO, looking at his R1 and 636 pricing anyway, but that ones asking price is in the mentioned ballpark.

    If theres any assistance I can provide locally let me know.
  7. Jusu777, call Tum at Yamaha Square CNX and ask him, he always has the best info on who's gonna sell his/her FZ1, he might even have a second hand one at the shop: 08-14688873. Good luck, Franz
  8. Best advice,buy a brand new one at red baron 490 k
  9. 490K ?? More like 650k new
  10. exactly 499000 new,check the red baron web page,considering it my self.very fun bike lots of power,its a brand new 2008
  11. Do Baron price plated or unplated tho ??

    Seems cheap compared to market price of other stuff for new.
  12. with book and reg
  13. Found the bike! I would like to thank TYM Trading (Yamaha Big Bike, BKK) and especially Mr Kitiwat Aksornpim, for finding such a nice "as new" FZ1 for me.

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