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  1. I have a lead on a BMW R80G/S here in Australia. I think I can probably get it very cheap, but don't know if it is the right bike for me.

    They look like they would be very awkward to ride, with a big distance from saddle to bars, and awkward foot placement due to the boxer engine. I am a new rider, so I think that a bike which is inherently easy to ride is important.

    I posted it here only because they are sort of the original touring bike, and it is the touring capabilities that originally piqued my interest


    What are the old BMW crews thoughts on these bikes???

  2. Myself along with a friend of mine bought 2 new R80/GS from Hornsby Sydney, way back around 81.

    We both had a great time with them took them up to Caiirns once, and Melbourne heaps of times.

    The R80 was better than he R100GS as the 80 wasn't prone to snapping drive shafts.

    After owning them for around 4 years, (my mate did the Birdsville track alone), we reluctantly sold them, my reason was to buy a unit in Sydney, my mates reason, was getting married.

    We paid $AUD 5,300 and saw one almost identical, same year, and same price here in Bangkok not that long ago,
  3. Thanks TJ,

    It would have to be very cheap...

    It has been sitting in the open (in the weather) for about 10 years, but seems in OK condition...

    I know that you are in PHT now, but any idea about parts availability in Aust now?
  4. I lived in Sydney, never a problem with spares, and I also had an R100RS which got parts for, luckily BM dont change their models too often.

    If you do have trouble, Motobins and Motoworks, both in the UK, good for hard to get spares.

    If you go along to BMW Club, NSW, great bung of guys, (and gals), they have tools you can hire out, and some guys have Triumphs and Ducati's so a mixture of bikes/guys. Also a mine of information. Not sure where you are in Sydney, but a good group also up in Newcastle.
  5. Daewoo,
    An old BMW is like any other old bike ...old. They need constant maintenance and are old school. I rode an 82 R100 from Sydney to Phillip Island last year and it sure was a wake up call on how far motorcycle design and development has moved on since these things were seen as top level motorcycles.

    If you do go for the R80GS parts can be had from Motohansa in Sydney.
  6. the R-80/GS was the best BMW ever built. 379 pounds, 800 cc, and fun to ride. Wish I could find one in goood shape. They are very easy to maintain. very dependable when properly maintained.

    If this is your very first bike, maybe a bit large to for a new rider. buy a 100 cc bike and ride the wheels off it for a year, then move up to a 400-500 cc, for a few years, then up to big bore bike( 750 cc & up ).
  7. Well, if I get it, and don't like it I know where to sell it [8D]...

    I reckon I can get it for about $US1200. If seems to be in OK condition for a bike that hasn't been ridden for 10 years and has been out in the weather.

    I have an XR250 dirt bike that I am ridding around a bit to get my skills up, but unlike most of you guys, I think that learning to ride at 34 is going to preclude me from ever trying to go fast, and the pain of ambition overtaking skill.

    I just want a comfortable bike to tour on, and don't like the idea of a sport bike where you are all hunched over for hours, a jap HD look-a-like crusier, where you look like a toser, or a HD where you are a toser [:D] ... (That is how it is in Australia anyway, HD's are like clitoris's, every c[8D]nt has one)...

    Hope no one is too anoyed about me yapping on about Australia in a Thailand forum...

  8. Daewoo below good site for BM info, for some reason can't log on to NSW club, and doesnt get a mention on other lists, so not sure what has happened there....

    If you buy the GS will have to send us a foto, hey it could even be my old bike.


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