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  1. guys - couple of requests here. i'm in the process of relocating to phuket from australia (but still working overseas) and am looking for a couple of bikes, an adventure tourer/monster traillie for local/Thai use and a sportbike for predominantly Malaysia use (lived in KL for 8 years prior the move to Oz).

    For the large off-road bike I’m thinking of something like:-

    Honda XL700 transalp
    Suzuki DR-600/DR-650
    Yamaha XT660
    Older BMW GS
    Older Triumph Tiger – 955cc version, not the current 1050cc model
    Africa twin if one of the last ones and in good nick

    budget probably in the TB200k ~ 300k range but obviously depends on whats offered and how old (ie not expecting a GS or tiger for that much....and if offered wouldn't look at it.....). green book a must. anyone interested in selling?

    for the sportsbike its a new blade/gixxer or possibly bmw (never been a kawa sort of guy....). BUT if i buy here in Thailand (cheaper than Malaysia), what're the restrictions on temporary import into malaysia - i'd be leaving it down with mates in Kl for up to 6 months at a time and flying up/down, so its not just border runs.

    finally, anyone had experience of MCW/ SAYSE RESORT in Phuket town? seem ok from first impressions but first hand feedback would be appreciated.
  2. Kawasaki Versys 650cc twin with ABS sells new for 285k Baht in Thailand. Fully legal with 2 year warranty. A wee bit fugly, but certainly the best value in Thailand hands down.
  3. Hi Mike,
    My mate has a Transalp 400cc with book and insurance. He wants 110,000bht.
    It interested please phone Con on 0850353135.
    The bike is in Chiang Mai

  4. What do you mean 'fugly'?
  5. Compression of fun and ugly words, suits the Versys well imo.....
  6. Well, the first word I was thinking of in "Fugly" isn't "Fun" but you can probably guess what "F" word it is ;-)

    Fookin' Ugly ---> Fugly! :lolno:
  7. Well I would keep it to just UGLY! But funny would there be (in Thailand) anyone who thinks the Versys is not ugly?
    Moneywise & Roadwise it is just a practical bike but otherwise .....

    Chang Noi
  8. Actually the FUN + UGLY = FUGLY is really quite a good description, because yes, the Versys won't win any beauty contests but it is a really FUN bike!
    Ride On!
  9. Mike
    Buy a blade in Singapore, as it is much cheaper than Malaysia. You say the Blade would be based in Malaysia more than in Thailand. You will only get 3 months entry into Malaysia for your Thai bike.
    The advantages of a Singapore bike are, it is about the same as Thai price. Singapore registered bikes can stay in Malaysia indefinitely. There are few hassles with a temporary import into Thailand for a Singapore registered bike at the Sadao, Thailand, Malaysia border crossing and even less going back to Malaysia. No questions what so ever at the Singapore/ Malaysian border
    Possible disadvantages are you need a Singapore work permit or a PR card to get the bike registered in your name. If you don't have it in your name, you need a permission letter from the legal owner to go across the border.
    I have a Singapore blade and two Thailand blades.
  10. A blade is an adventure tourer? :-/

    Ooops- ignore that- just noticed he's looking for a sport bike too!

    Ride on!

  11. thanks for the input guys. brian66 - i used to run Spore bikes in Malaysia but as i didn't have a Spore work permit or license (registered in the name of the bike shop), and did have a work permit (ie was resident) in Malaysia, i was always worried about what would happen if i had an accident - it can't be legal or everyone would be doing it......

    guess the situation is a little different if i'm not resident in Malaysia and would just be considered a tourist - no work permit to lose. but even so.....everythings fine until its not and then the matsale is in the wrong.....

    also have to remember to get back to Spore for the annual MOT (or whatever its called) - which meant stripping off the after market bits and finding an original exhaust etc. but if restricted to 3 months for a Thai bike into Malaysia (at a time or cumulative annually?) will think about it.
  12. Mike
    I have been riding Singapore and Thailand bikes for many years and because I work in the oil industry, I am away more than I am home. Therefore, none of my many bikes is in my name as I live in all these countries as a tourist. I have good friends in Singapore and Malaysia. One in Singapore being a shop owner I use to prepare my race bike.

    My Singapore Blade and my Triumph street triple are in his name. The bikes have comprehensive insurance in his name with my name as the rider on the insurance documents. This insurance fully covers me whilst in Singapore and Malaysia.

    As with all of Asia, money gets things done and it is no different in Singapore, so my heavily modified Blade and I mean it is basically a track bike and would be impounded in Australia and the triumph, which has the exhaust changed, gets passed for the yearly Singapore MOT without leaving the shop. The 5-year inspection is an issue though.

    The Thai insurance on a Thai bike is not recognised in Malaysia or Singapore. You must buy Malaysian insurance at the border for your bike, which is good for the time period the transport people allow you. I have found they will give you 90 days as Australians get 90 days entry on the passport stamp. Asking for 6 months requires a visa. If the Thai registered bike is not in your name, you need a permission letter from the owner to enter Malaysia.

    The Malaysian insurance on a Thai registered bike is not recognised in Singapore. You have to buy insurance at the Singapore border plus the hassle of getting an auto pass card registration. In addition, they only give your 14 days stay. I also take my Thailand registered Van into Malaysia and Singapore and have the same hassles

    A Singapore registered bike can enter Malaysia indefinitely and the Singapore insurance is valid. Entering Thailand is simply also and you have to buy Thai insurance and the term of temporary import will equal your visa period or up to 90 days. If you don’t have a visa they will usually only stamp you for 14 days.
    If the Singapore bike is not in your name, you need a permission letter from the owner to enter Thailand

    A new Thai Blade will cost about 750,000 –800,000 Baht for a bike with a book. A new Malaysian Blade will cost about 1,100,000 Baht. A new Singapore blade will cost about 820,000 Baht.

    Email me if you want more info on how I enter my Thai and Singapore Blades with no insurance or checking. I have found a unique way.

    [email protected]

  13. I picked it up yesterday and brought it back to BKK on a train, then rode it home through morning rush hour traffic on Rama IV. I'd say it's an ideal bike for this country!


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