looking for an offroad bike

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  1. anyone out there got any info on a decent honda xlr 500 or 600 also any
    honda dominators around. stevo.
  2. Hi Stevo, I have XL500/600 for sale, started life as 600, had 500 motor fitted about 2 years ago, 1 year before I bought it, has Thai rego and papers, and bike passport to cross Thai borders. very good condition, email me for more details, photos, etc, [email [email protected]][email protected][/email] my mobile is 06 11 22 99 1
  3. Have a Yamaha TT 600 ( 87, 59X) for sale.
    Based in Satun.
  4. Hi Armin,
    Where had you purchase your TT600cc Yamaha?
    I once try to import one here some yrs ago.

    best wishes.

    Kenworth Trucks.

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