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  1. Looking for bags to mount to my ZZR1100. Email me or pm me if you have or know where to get please. We are riding double from Bangkok to Chiangmai and don't want the misses to have to wear a backpack the whole way.

    in advance.


    [email [email protected]][email protected][/email] :(

    The only bags that are easy to find are the leather saddlebags which are often difficult to put on sport type bikes.
    I think most guys order bags thru the internet. The alternative, if time is short, is to put a full size Givi box on the back and get a real good tank bag.
  3. Thanks for all who read and especially the ones that responded. Had a guy in Jomtein contact me as he has a set of new bags for a sport bike he never used so we closed the deal. I will get them by EMS this week.

    Again thanks and hope to see a lot of you in Chiang Mai next month.

    Dan :D

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