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  1. Looking for a smallish bike that can snake through the BKK traffic better than the black rhino (GS 1150).

    Preferred options are:

    Honda Clubman (400 or 500)
    Yamaha SR (400 or 500)
    Enfield Bullet (500 preferred)
    Kawasaki W650 (number one preference).

    The bike needs to be in primo condition, with a perfect green book. Would like to pay no more than 150K baht.

    Tks for any leads.

  2. NDSinBKK, you should include the Honda-NT400/650 Bros, is a V-Twin, mostly imported from Japan (400). I just bought one for THB 50k with legal plate, transfer was no problem. There's a lot of them out there, they are very slim and easy to handle, low on consumption and maintenance. Try:
    You'll need somebody with Thai language knowledge to look them up.
    Should also consider the SRX4 & 6 series of Yamaha, with luck you could get a legal plated for around 60-90k THB. Anyway as I experienced, you'll need a good mechanic to correct all the mistakes done previously and spend some money & effort to get them to a safe & rideable state.
    Good luck, Franz
  3. Having the same issue as you
    I have been seriously thinking about the D-Tracker
    as it would be simple to put a modest rack on the back for a carry bag etc.
    It would be 100% legal and with K'saki service - tho they still haven't trained them on the chains yet.
    More than enough power for the city & light & manouverable in traffic.
    Not on your list I know but it is within your budget.
  4. Tks for the additions to the shopping list. I check mocyc.com regularly, but most of the bikes there don't have much in the way of pedigree. I spent months there looking for a W650 before I gave up and went with the GS. I'm very pleased I did, but it is not the ideal machine for the city.

    D-Tracker is a good suggestion; I've seen some older ones around. It's an option, but the ones I've targeted are more "classic" in their configuration, and not by accident.

    Any solid leads will be appreciated, I'm willing to look at anything...

  5. Go to mocyc.com and fill in: bros, secondhand, sell, big bike, honda and click search, there's one NT650Bros sold by a guy called Pee, he insists all with legal papers in his posting, might be worth a try........choke dee, FR
  6. Thanks, I found it, have messaged the seller.

    I do not know anything about this motorcycle. Relative to the classic bikes I had originally cited, how does this measure up? It looks more like a sport bike with an uncomfortable crouch. I've been there, done that, not at that point in life.

    Anyone who has experience of the 650 Bros (NTV 650) - I'd love to hear what you have to say...

  7. NDSinBKK, I've just got the bike yesterday, today took it for a ride to the plant, other than correcting the mistakes by some local mechanics (electrics, loose bolts, loose chain, old brakefluid and the like) I find it quite comfortable, has an aftermarket higher handlebar and with this one ok also for longer distances. Seat is more comfortable than the SRX. Will redo a little the foot brake lever as too high. Has enough power to get you ahead of anything with >/= 4 wheels at a traffic light. I will email you 2 pictures where you can easily see the handlebars. Later on I will post also some at the forum. Has around 50 HP, good torque, V-Twin, chain-drive, monoshock, around 170 kgs dry weight, and a fuel capacity of 12 liters. (NT400: 37HP, 164 kgs) You should be able to find some info on:
    Have some Thai guy call the seller and talk to him about the registration, if it's really 2 cylinders and 650 ccm, if both engine and frame numbers match, get some scans and fotos from him first.
    Cheers, Franz
  8. FWIW:
    Here's a D-Tracker that is now for sale on a website in Pattaya:

    "kawasaki d-tracker, 03 model, fully customized, you will not see one like this anywhere

    ohlins front and back. suspension, chrome wheel. brembo brakes. chrome ajustable brake leavers. twin exaust system stright through. carban fiber fit. single swinging arm. chrome suspension covers. trick bars. renthel bars hand covers custom front and back lights. chrome gear and brake change stearing damper chrome rest pegs every nut and bolt in chrome./ etc. ,,,other coloures. braided hoses. brakes pipes etc.
    offers around 100,000bhat

    1 off bike, as invoice papers."

    I don't know the seller, but can get their e-mail addy if ur interested.
  9. Thanks for the tip, CDRW. Interestingly, what seems to be the same bike is advertised in ThaiVisa for 150K.

    It's a slick looking little thing, but I'm not sure yet about its real registration status, and 150K is not attractive. 100K is, however.

    Tks, much obliged.

  10. S., my outlook is again not working, we have another R1200GS in our group, it's Craig-Esib. We would be happy if you join us for Kanchanaburi if you're around, please see more details at:
    https://www.gt-rider.com/thailand-motorc ... html#25194
    Anyway, in another post of today concerning police, please see the posts about unregistered bikes, to be expected that they will mean heavy trouble soon everywhere. So keep away from them unless you're living somewhere in Nakorn Nowhere. While buying my used bikes, I always hand over the cash at the registration department once the transfer is done into my name without hassles, i.e. once the bike passed the VIN & EIN tests with flying colours.........
    Be also aware of some Farang selling big bikes, just wanted to get a 750, bike looked good, registration was in Chantaburi !!, bike in Esarn........, just while looking to the stamped numbers, you could easily see that this one was redone; asking the owner why he never re-registered to Esarn, got no more reply to that, asking why the engine number was slightly different from the one in the book, never got a reply although at first contact he wrote that everything is in perfect order..........I get my used bikes mainly from locals and found that to be no problem at all, they even went with me to the registration office and were very helpful !!!!!!!

    Jay, please be careful with unregistered bikes right now, just see what you just have posted under "troubles with police" today; I'm not sure if you still can get a license plate with invoice papers even if it costs a hefty 70k THB. Have heard rumours that also this possibility is gone. How's the Djebel by the way ???????? :lol: Lusting for another tour ???? :p

    Cheers, Franz
  11. a mate has a 550 v-twin Aprilia for sale contact Aaron via email [email [email protected]][email protected][/email] he lives near pattaya the bike has under 10 hours on it , he has 2 one race bike and just got his road bike over but decided he only want 1 . so the road bike is for sale
  12. Thanks very much for the reference. I've researched it, and concluded that it's too off-road for me (I'll be using it in BKK). Also, the seat height is almost 40 inches. With a 30 inch inseam, that would be a sight...

    I do appreciate the suggestion, tks.

  13. at your money just go and get a kawasaki ninja 250, small enough to go through the traffic but big enough to get where you want to go (170kmh top end) and brand new with book. fuel injection so bloody good on fuel as well.
  14. I've no probs with registration...my 250 Djebel has a legal (not recycled) green book and is licensed in BKK. May hold off on another tour for a while, as I'm anxious and looking to upgrade to a decent 400cc or bigger bike and will sell my beloved Djebel. But, I'll surely miss having a 6-speed trans and 17-liter tank....I was twiddling my thumbs while the others were stopping for gas :D
  15. your joking arnt you , have you ridden one ?? the only thing worse on the market is the CBR150 .
    they dont do anything right and feel like they have a hinge in the middle complete shit box
  16. Franz - I've discovered a Bros 400 which is for sale by a mechanic's shop for 50K THB. I checked the green book, it says first registration in 2537, making it '93 and older model. It's been sitting for 3 years, one fork leg leaks a bit and there's a bit of dirt around the rear valve cover, indicating high mileage, but the brake discs have no grooves or a "lip" and the rubber on the foot pegs looks like new, indicating low mileage. The speedo shows 00000. Haven't seen the chain and sprocket yet.
    The shop owner said he'll clean it up, fix the leaks, put a new seat cover and paint the whole thing. What would you say, is it worth it? What I read is that it's a tame long-stroke bike, but reliable. I like the single rear swing arm and 37 horses is enough for me!
    Appreciate anybody's tips or opinion on the NT/Hawk GT/Bros 400.
  17. shanes, I disagree! I've had 250 Ninjas and CBR150s, and they do what they do quite fine. No hinge anywhere. Maybe you were unhinged when you test-rode one? I'll take a Ninja anytime over an old CB1.
  18. KZ, I just get my NT400Bros recently and haven't been riding it that much, one thing I can tell you, it won't win you in acceleration any price, my SRX4 takes off much faster; but, front brake is incredibly strong, and it pulls constantly up to 130km/h, didn't test her topspeed yet but it should do some 150-160. Watercooling, vibrations and torque is also a plus compared to the single thumper, once you get stuck in traffic the SRX gets pretty hot. Only the right exhaust pipe is putting some heat on your foot as it passes right in front. Bike's strong enough also for a passenger joining you, petrol consumption very low but here the SRX is the master !!!! THB 50k and legally registered is a good price as now also the Thais considering much more the big bikes as high costs of living are eating into everybodies purse. One more thing about NT400 and also SR/SRX 400 is their unique & timeless beauty, that was reason enough for me to get both. Technically, you'll have to do a lot of repairs as once a young new local 'mechanic' has had his hands on any of these bikes you're in for some 'surprises'..............I'm doing all on my own, so if something fails, what I don't expect, I can only blame myself.......Get yourself one as you won't find it too hard to get spares for either of these bikes NT400&650, SR400&600, SRX4&6. Cheers, Franz
  19. Yep, guess I'll talk to the mechanic and see what we can work out. I'm not a racer, I like torque at low revs, and especially twins. Even with my little 250 I feel like a hawk among doves around town - meaning all the slow Waves and Nouvos. Top speed doesn't matter much as long as the bike goes 140km/h, and if the CBR150R and the VTR250 can do that, the NT400 should be even quicker.
    The plan is to paint the NT400 red so I'll have a green book that says HONDA / RED / 400cc / 2 CYL - then I feel better taking my red VTR250 on a trip while commuting daily on the old NT... this way I get a tabien for 50K plus a running bike, can't go much wrong there.

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