Looking for bike in bangkok for October 05

Sep 23, 2005
I am flying into bangkok at the end of October and I am looking for 200CC or larger bike. Will do some cruising on and off road. I am a student travelling and cannot affored anything new, but will be more than happy with an older, well running model. Would appreciate any help I can get. Also please bikes that are registered as I don't have the time to wait for plates.

Thanks, Dave
[email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
Nov 1, 2004
Hi Dave
I have a Honda XL600 about 1991 fitted with 500 engine, by last owner, have had the bike since Aug 2003, and is registered, with green book and plate, and bike passport to take out of Thailand. email me for photos/details at [email [email protected]][email protected][/email] Asking 90,000Baht. Im not in Bkk, Im in Sakon nakhon which is east of Udon, half way to Nong Khai border to Laos.