Looking for bike storage option in Chiang Mai or Bangkok


Feb 22, 2012
Greetings all,

I'm touring around on a BMW R80G/S and want to leave it in Thailand for a few months to allow me to hop over to Indonesia and Nepal for 2-3 months. I know I'll have to pay the 2,000 Baht when I leave.

Can someone suggest a storage place in either city? I'd prefer to leave it somewhere private with someone who has a locked garage, for payment of course. I also need to leave the side cases (can be left locked on the bike) and a duffel bag with some clothes etc.

I aiming to be back in Thailand on or around the 15th of August and then store the bike, with either a September 30th or October 30th return date.

Can I rent a locked single car garage somewhere? Is that an option?

I assume I can fly out with the bike still in the country? I have an ATP carnet, so I HAVE to get it out and home at some point of course.



Sep 10, 2010
Hi Kevin, I live in a condo in Sukhmvit Soi 4, I think we can squeeze your bikes next to mine. It's not a locked garage but just a parking bay in the building but well covered. I am keeping two bikes there and a car and trailer and never noticed any tampering, you can borrow a bike cover if you want.
I am back in Bangkok 14/8.