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Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by Star Rider, Sep 9, 2014.

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    Found this guy accidentally in Hua Hin. He has three shops in the area now. His work is in demand. He can make anything. His main shop is a stone's throw from the "action" in the Bintabaht Area of bars and restaurants.

    Freeway Handmade Leather
    Andy & Joy

    I brought them a vest that I wanted duplicated. They were finished in three days. I had no trouble finding things to do during that time in the Cha-am/Hua Hin Area.

    They matched the vest exactly. Friends have used them since, and are very satisfied. Check 'em out if you're down there.
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    There is one in Pattaya as well. Pattaya Klang, soi 15.
    First soi to the left coming up from 2nd road.
    Go 300-400 into the soi and the shop is on the corner on the right side.

    They do basically everything with leather. Copy, modify and so on
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    They were recommended to me at the same time I was getting prices. A buddy who lives in Pattaya had gotten an off-the-rack vest from them just two months prior for 2000 baht. They tried to "Falang" me. They gave me an off-the-rack price that was 1500 baht higher than what was quoted to me for a custom vest from Freeway in Hua Hin -- which was over three times that price.

    Knowing how this "saving face" stuff works, I very diplomatically and tactfully asked if maybe there was some mistake, and I told them that my buddy had highly recommended them for custom work and that he had just bought an off-the-rack vest from them for 2,000 baht. They never answered an email or a phone call after that, and I tried getting back in touch with them about six different times over two weeks.

    All of that said, I realize that TIT applies. What happens for you or me or someone else today, may not happen for you or me or someone else tomorrow. Someone may go to that tailor in Pattaya and have a wonderful experience. I never got the chance.

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